Saturday, January 3, 2009

LIttle man Jack -

This little man came to visit me this weekend. There was clearly no time to be wasted with trivial matters like putting on make-up ... or doing my hair.

Here is the youngest of my parent's grandchildren ... and my Grandma's Great grandchildren ... trying to wake up the oldest. What a difference a quick 21 years makes!

And now the little man is gone. It was quick, but I'll take him whenever I can get him!

We love you Jack!

Oh, and it was lovely having my sister here too! :)


amy.legler said...

He is SOO stinkin cute!

Kacey's View said...

aww I miss them already. My bed is going to be so empty with out them!

Brandi said...

julie pops out some cutie patooties!

Gail said...

He is so adorable! They make the cutest kids, those two. I wish it had worked out to see them. Maybe next time:). But we could still get together!