Friday, February 27, 2009

Attention Arizonans!

Get outside quick!

Bask in the weather that has been handed to us this week!

Go for a walk, go for a jog, jump on your trampoline and do cartwheels in your front yard ...
for next week, it will be warm ...
and the following week, it will probably be hot ...
and after that ... well, just bask in it today dang it.

P.S. Tomorrow is my baby girl's birthday. Miss Kacey is 20!
I will be raving about the gift I am giving her ...
after it has been given ...
stay tuned!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Where in the world should we go?

Gary was given two free round-trip buddy passes with Southwest Airlines (because sometimes people really need a plumber ... but they can't afford one ... so they give us things ... or we confiscate their toilets).

Anyway, these tickets have to be used by July 10, 2009. So I'm opening this topic up for some discussion. Where should we go?

Keep in mind that we don't want to spend a lot of money once we get there, BUT the hotel WILL most definitely be one of my favorite parts of the entire excursion. We are both working, so it will most likely need to be just a quick weekend trip.

Where would you go?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


After yesterday's post, imagine my irritability today!

I never watch live TV. My little programs (which I am going to start calling hobbies so that I feel better about my time spent) are all taped for me and they await my arrival at the end of a long day. I get the house in order and then I tuck myself in for an evening with my reality friends.

Last night, I was anxious to watch The Biggest Loser (which Kacey so kindly reminded me that I left off of my list yesterday). WHEN RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE EPISODE ... walks in that President that I did not vote for. If I wasn't upset with him before, I sure am now!

Here's the deal. I understand that there are people who want to hear what he has to say. And for this purpose ... WE HAVE CNN or PBS! Why does he have to barge in on every single local channel, giving us no choice but to listen to the crap that spews from his mouth ... or turn off the beloved TV altogether. I told you I was irritated.

Not only does he not need to be on every local channel, but he really doesn't need to be on at prime time. Put him on CNN at 5:00 a.m., and everybody can wake up and watch or tape him if they CHOOSE to watch him. THAT ladies and gentlemen, would be my version of pro-choice.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Reality Televisionitis

It's official ... I'm completely addicted to reality tv. Yes, I'm aware that they are all FAR from reality ... but I choose to love them anyway.

Amazing Race
Top Chef
Project Runway
The Bachelor ... ooooh The Bachelor

It is absolutely disgusting how drawn I am to this season. I LOVE this guy! And I actually really like both of the final two ladies. I am completely impressed that they haven't gouged each other's eyes out in a full on fight for their man. I could never do it (I would be fighting bare fisted for Gary ... you know I would). And DeAnna??? What in the world is she going to do next week? And what is he going to do about whatever she is going to do???? I'm clearly on the edge of my seat ... and it's embarrassing. As you were.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Got milk?

The other day, the topic of skim milk was brought up in my kitchen. This sent me and my little bro (Robby) down memory lane as we remembered the milk that we shared ... fresh from the cow (but refrigerated of course) ... cream still on top (or recently removed to make butter) ... mmmmmmmm.

Skim milk? I don't get it. When I was a poor young mother and I was almost out of milk, I would add water to stretch the gallon. THIS is skim milk, but people actually pay for it!

Years ago I talked myself into transitioning to 2%. However, yesterday morning we ran out. We can't have breakfast without milk at our house, so up to the corner Chevron we ran, and Garrison darted in to grab the last gallon of milk. As I saw him come out of the store carrying a gallon adorned with a red lid, I was secretly giddy.

They were all out of 2%. Thank heaven they were out of skim. All they had was WHOLE MILK. Again I say, mmmmmmmmmm.

I had almost forgotten how much I like a rich, white milk with my toast.

It's been a heavenly couple of days ~

Does anybody besides me even drink milk anymore?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


My week is full of a lot of stuff ...

~ Make dinner for the missionaries

~ Two orthodontist appointments

~ In-Service training at work

~ A bridal shower at my home
this includes several items not listed!

~ A wedding reception to attend

~ Go to the temple

~ Speaking in church on Sunday

~ Blah, blah, blah, and more where that came from.


Today I will be dropping EVERYTHING to run and purchase this little beauty ...

and I will watch it over and over again, while I should be doing other things. Oh Troy.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I'm leaving ... on a jet plane

I'm on my way to Vegas with a bunch of girls (which is very unlike me). My boss/friend suggested a girl's trip when she found airline tickets for $35. So I'm leaving my little ones (and my big one) behind and I'll be back on Saturday.

This morning I sensed a bit of a celebratory atmosphere in the air from my boys as I reminded them that I would be gone for a couple of days. I think we all agree that I need to take a small break. HOWEVER, little Kacey does not share in this attitude. She gets homesick when she is gone, and she gets homesick ... when I am gone. So if all of you girls out there could just leave her a nice, nurturing, motherly comment ... I'm sure it would make her feel better. Gracias~

Until then ... adios.

Why do I sound like I'm going to Mexico? I really need a break.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Growing up!

See that pancake? Yep, it's the size of his entire plate. No big deal right? Except that this was his fourth one ... and he was still hungry. The other day, he ate 13 regular sized pancakes ... and he was still hungry. I think some BIG things are going to happen this year with little Keaton.

Last weekend, he went to the Winter Formal with his childhood friend, Ali.

Big brother helped him tie the perfect knot, while big brother's friend Jordan gave some dating tips -

The finished product was beautiful.

They're all growing up!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Thank you Arizona Cardinals -

My voice is gone, I've lost some hair, my chest is hurting, it's going to be a long night of trying to get my heart rate back down.

Thanks for a fantastic game
and a memorable season.