Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy Birthday daughter o' mine ~

I don't know how I got to be so lucky ...

All weekend long, when people would find out that Kacey was turning 21, they would immediately get excited and ask her if she was going to go get drunk for her big day. Woo hoo!

She would politely say no ... and continue with her enthusiasm of a birthday weekend ... albeit a sober one.

I'm so pleased with this girl! She has a natural knack for good choices that have already taken her to great places.

So today, instead of getting wasted on her 21st birthday, she was sitting in a small room in our church house, teaching some cute little kids about Jesus and His teachings. Then she came home and spent the day with her family, friends and homemade pizza.

The picture above makes me laugh ... as does Kacey every day. We were sitting in the middle of a football field, it was soooooo scorching hot outside, and we got the giggles. We got the BEST giggles! People were looking at us wondering why we were being so silly. Kacey came as close as she has ever come to smoking that day, as she posed for what people probably thought we'd been doing to precede such giggles.

It has been so much fun living with this little lady. I treasure her every day and I thank my lucky stars for the relationship we have.

Happy Birthday little one!

I love you & I'm super proud of you ~

Friday, February 12, 2010

Kids -

It was a quiet evening tonight. Keaton got his wisdom teeth pulled right out yesterday, so his regular mob of friends are hanging out with the less swollen and more energetic. Matthew is having band practice (no, he hasn't moved out yet), but they're out in the "shed" and I can barely hear the beating of the drums through our brick walls ... blessed be the patient neighbor. Kacey is out and about, and Jake & Garrison are at the movies.

I changed my millionth load of laundry and settled in for some more relaxing work ... when the doorbell rang.

Two cute little friends: "Is Jake here?"

Me: "Nope, he's at the movies."

Two cute little friends: Looking at each other as if their plan wasn't quite polished and not knowing how to respond.

Me: "You can hang out here if you'd like."

Two cute little friends: Looking back at each other very content that their plan was working now like a well oiled machine. "Oh, well I don't know ... what do you want to do?" "It's up to you, I don't care." "Okay, I guess we'll just stay here!"

11.4 seconds passed by before the X-Box, or Wii, or whatever they do was all set up and a challenge had commenced.

I love our fun house.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My weather -

I would like to invite the East to come West this week ... it's lovely!

Weather for AZ

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58°F | °C
Current: Cloudy
Wind: E at 10 mph
Humidity: 40%
60°F | 42°F
67°F | 44°F
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Monday, February 8, 2010

Superbowl 44

I would like to take a minute to point out that the
football team
that could stop our beloved Cardinals ...
is now the reigning

Nice job Drew!

Man I love this game.

P.S. See HERE for pictures of our cute little munchkins in Yuma ... Brandi!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Lovely again ~

We went to Yuma last weekend. It was lovely. This weekend, I'm going back ... and it will be lovely again. You're probably wondering why anybody would go to Yuma, AZ ... ever ... let alone twice in two weekends! For those of you who have yet to visit the lovely Yuma, it's ok. If I didn't have lovely little people living there, I wouldn't go there either.

Last weekend, nephew Nic was baptized. Lovely. Really.

This weekend, nephews Chet, Nic & Boston are all going to be famous! They are starting out life as young performers as they take the stage in their first community play ... "The Wizard Of Oz!" Maybe you've heard of it? And maybe you've heard of those "Munchkins"? Well my nephews are three of them! In fact, Chet is the Mayor of them all!

I'm terribly excited.

I'm going to be a very enthusiastic member of the audience.

Because that's what Aunts do.

Here we come you little Munchkins!

Pictures to come Brandi!