Friday, February 12, 2010

Kids -

It was a quiet evening tonight. Keaton got his wisdom teeth pulled right out yesterday, so his regular mob of friends are hanging out with the less swollen and more energetic. Matthew is having band practice (no, he hasn't moved out yet), but they're out in the "shed" and I can barely hear the beating of the drums through our brick walls ... blessed be the patient neighbor. Kacey is out and about, and Jake & Garrison are at the movies.

I changed my millionth load of laundry and settled in for some more relaxing work ... when the doorbell rang.

Two cute little friends: "Is Jake here?"

Me: "Nope, he's at the movies."

Two cute little friends: Looking at each other as if their plan wasn't quite polished and not knowing how to respond.

Me: "You can hang out here if you'd like."

Two cute little friends: Looking back at each other very content that their plan was working now like a well oiled machine. "Oh, well I don't know ... what do you want to do?" "It's up to you, I don't care." "Okay, I guess we'll just stay here!"

11.4 seconds passed by before the X-Box, or Wii, or whatever they do was all set up and a challenge had commenced.

I love our fun house.


The Clawson's said...

haha. That sound's like something Cody would do...wait was it him? I love your fun house too!

Tina said...

So does the whole community! I'm sure there are many parents grateful for the Shaker Home for the kids to hang out it... I know there have been times when we land there and there are lots of people and not a Shaker to be found! You're a good sport!

Tina said...

...I hate it when I re-read what I've written and find a typo!!! Agh! Guess I should proofread B4 I publish the comment!! :)

Julie said...

OK, so I was totally reading this blog as if the 2 cute little friends were girls and I was so excited for Jake. I didn't catch on until you said XBOX. Oh well, maybe someday it will be 2 cute little girls willing to wait for him to get home. Good to see you 3 weekends in a row sister. Love you. Julie