Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dirty little rat -

Jake has a new job.  Which means that Jake has new money.  The rule WAS that he had to put half into savings, pay his tithing, and the rest was his to spend.

Jake likes to spend.

Saturday, I got a phone call that went something like this.

Jake:  "Mom will you take me to Petco to buy a fish?"

Me:  "No.  We don't want anymore indoor pets."  

So he came home with a hamster.  

I began to raise my voice ... lecture ... and throw a little fit.

Jake:  "But you said that I couldn't get a fish"

Me:  "No.  I said that we don't want anymore indoor pets."

I continued to rant and rave.

Not only did he purchase a hamster, but he purchased the whole castle and moat that is apparently required to raise the hamster into a fine young rat.  He bought the best food, the best fluffy white stuff that lines the bottom of the castle and the best exercise ball that any creature would desire.  He spent every last penny of his earnings and all of it was non-refundable.

I continued to rant and rave.

About 20 minutes after arriving home with his new little friend and introducing him to his new surroundings and naming him Wall-E,  I heard this ...

Jake:   "No.  Please don't die.  Please don't die.  Please don't die."  Tap, tap, tapping on the castle wall.  Gosh he's dead."

Me:  Feeling a little guilty about the ranting and raving and possible verbal abuse to the rodent ... we hopped in the truck and drove to get a replacement. 

New rule.  No more purchases without some serious consent from a parent.

The new little guy is named Wall-E 2.0.

We're giving it a trial run.

Jake is grounded.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Creative genius I tell you!

The other day, I was going through photos, and I found this little number ...

This picture is not only hilarious, but it also tugs on my heart strings ... yes, I have them.  This was 1975.  I had just lost my Mom, my Dad had just lost his high school sweetheart, and there we were just trying to hang on for dear life.  We were living with my Grandma and the big Daddy-Daughter Date came up.  What a trooper my Dad was ... and what a great sport to wear this homemade mess.  What?  You didn't realize that his outfit was homemade?  Stop it! 
Since this picture defined what a great Dad I have, I decided that I would like to use it for Father's Day.  So, of course, I called up Miss Kacey.  Because she's a creative genius.  I told her that I'd like to make a card out of this picture.  She giggled.  Five minutes later ... she emailed me this masterpiece!  In one hour, it was waiting for me at the local Walmart to pick up and mail to Overgaard, AZ.

He loved it.

I don't know how she does it, but she does it good.  How did she get that paperclip on the picture?  How did she come up with that cute notebook paper background?  How did she know how to put it all together to create exactly what I wanted?  I don't know.  

On Mother's Day, I wanted my little Nursery kids to be able to give their Momma's something at church.  So I sent her a sweet little picture, and she turned it into a gift.  

Look at this adorable graduation announcement ... front & back ~

And these are my super cute nephews & niece in the form of a perfect Christmas card.  

So my point is ... she's a genius.  And if you are like me, and you have no idea how to participate in this digital age that we're in ... you should contact Kacey.  She's good.  She's real good.  Amen.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Matthew Parry!

This is so weird. 
How can you be 24 when I'm only 29?  
Happy Birthday my boy.

Monday, June 20, 2011

They walked, and walked, aaaaaand walked.

The Trek was a huge success from the Shaker point of view.  My instincts were correct ... my boys are part pioneer.  They loved every minute of it and Gary was ready to go again as soon as their journey was over.

Look at these cute pictures! 
Click on them to enlarge ... and see my boys right up front.

Jake was assigned to the Free Family with Ma & Pa Free.

Garrison was assigned to the Harvey Family with Ma & Pa Harvey.

And Gary (who is hiding in the back) was assigned to the Hutchinson Family.

If we are ever counseled to walk across the plains again ... I will have no problem sending my boys men.  They will most likely have to send for me later ... by airplane ... accompanied by a soft pillow, a blanket and plenty of carbohydrates mingled with some protein.  Amen.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

From Junior High to the trek ~

So much has happened since I blogged last!  School is out and Summer is in full swing.  We completed another phase in our house as we finished strong in Junior High. 

Elementary School ... check.
Junior High ... check.
High School ... here they come!

Garrison got straight A's this term and I couldn't be more proud.  
Jake ... worked very hard as well. :)

Today, my modern family has traded in all of their batteries, bathrooms and comfy beds for three days of pioneer living!  They will be pushing handcarts, hiking mountains, sleeping on the ground and eating off of tin plates as they reenact our pioneer heritage.  When Matthew and Kacey did this a few years ago, they dreaded it.  It was hard, hard, hard.  Tears were shed (not by Matthew) and blisters were born.  But this morning, the attitude was different.  These three boys could not be more excited.  Gary has been running around for a month getting ready for this day.  I think he was born to be a pioneer.  I can't wait to hear all of their stories!  Look how cute they are!