Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dirty little rat -

Jake has a new job.  Which means that Jake has new money.  The rule WAS that he had to put half into savings, pay his tithing, and the rest was his to spend.

Jake likes to spend.

Saturday, I got a phone call that went something like this.

Jake:  "Mom will you take me to Petco to buy a fish?"

Me:  "No.  We don't want anymore indoor pets."  

So he came home with a hamster.  

I began to raise my voice ... lecture ... and throw a little fit.

Jake:  "But you said that I couldn't get a fish"

Me:  "No.  I said that we don't want anymore indoor pets."

I continued to rant and rave.

Not only did he purchase a hamster, but he purchased the whole castle and moat that is apparently required to raise the hamster into a fine young rat.  He bought the best food, the best fluffy white stuff that lines the bottom of the castle and the best exercise ball that any creature would desire.  He spent every last penny of his earnings and all of it was non-refundable.

I continued to rant and rave.

About 20 minutes after arriving home with his new little friend and introducing him to his new surroundings and naming him Wall-E,  I heard this ...

Jake:   "No.  Please don't die.  Please don't die.  Please don't die."  Tap, tap, tapping on the castle wall.  Gosh he's dead."

Me:  Feeling a little guilty about the ranting and raving and possible verbal abuse to the rodent ... we hopped in the truck and drove to get a replacement. 

New rule.  No more purchases without some serious consent from a parent.

The new little guy is named Wall-E 2.0.

We're giving it a trial run.

Jake is grounded.


Tina McKinnon said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Love it... Now, you be nice to Wall-E2.0

April said...

They should have given you a new one for free if it only lasted that long with all of those luxurious surroundings. It was obviously a lemon hamster.

Diane said...

I vote for a good beating for Jake!