Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Long Needles and Peace -

I've had an interesting journey these past few months. It all began back in October when I learned that my family doctor did not take my new health insurance. And here is a very short version of what happened after that ...

Went to a new doctor and had a physical.

New doctor found a lump in my breast that he didn't like.

New doctor sent me for a mammogram (even though I had just had one in April).

Mammogram showed spots that were suspicious, but if they could be aspirated were nothing to worry about.

New doctor tried to aspirate ... with a long needle ... and was unsuccessful (I now have empathy for pincushions everywhere) ... sent me to a surgeon.

Surgeon was able to aspirate ... HOORAY... with a long needle ... but found spots that he didn't like on his ultrasound ... BOO ... and sent me for an MRI.

Got an MRI for my birthday ... WOO HOO ... where they found a suspicious clump (as opposed to a lump) ... ON THE OTHER BREAST! Scheduled me for yet more aspirating ... with a long needle ... accompanied by a biopsy with some sort of sadistic needle/knife/vacuum contraption.


All the while through this journey, I felt at peace. I really knew that everything would be fine. Alas, at the end of my journey ... my poor boob looks like a very populated road map.

I just got back from my follow-up visit with the first surgeon and he says that everything came back benign. His exact words "Fibroadenoma with moderate epithelial hyerplasia and a few calcifications." Uh huh, just as I thought.

Unfortunately I just have very complicated (dense and full of cysts) breasts. So this process, coupled with my sister's history of Breast Cancer, will create more dramatic and possibly excessively thorough visits in the future.

The next suggestion he gave me was to have some genetic testing done to see if there is some sort of freaky DNA evident (obviously he doesn't know me very well if he is only questioning this) that would possibly encourage the onset of Breast Cancer.

So here's the question. Do we really want to know what kind of freaky DNA we have? Am I willing to dissect every organ, limb or vessel that might provide controversial counts on a diagram?

Part of me exclaims YES! Let's see what it says and take my boobs if need be. The other part of me believes in the process of a higher power with miraculous outcomes (no matter what my DNA is) that are part of my story and divine destiny. And then I continue to wander in my wonder if this high tech strategy IS part of that God given gift to us and our destiny.

I don't know. I'll probably have it done, see what it says and go from there. But I'd really like to know what you think. It's all a phenomenon to me!

All I know is that today, unlike millions of others, I am cancer free ... and I am grateful.


Becky said...

Glad its cancer free....not sure if I would like to know the DNA make up....could give lots of answer to the make up of our entire family HA HA!

Becky said...

Oh Karen! Scary. I am glad it turned out benign.

I'm with you: Do I really want to know everything? When I was pregnant I had the option of getting tests done that could show if your unborn baby has a plethora of things from Downs, to other stuff (I can't's been so long ha ha). Anyway, with Garrett we did the tests. With Megan and Lindsay, we just didn't want to. For us, we felt the outome of the tests wouldn't change how we felt about the baby or what we would do.

So that is my little bit of input for you. Interpret how you will.

Glad to have you back putting up posts!

Kacey's View said...

What the? Who are you? Surely not my mother. Or I would have known all of this!
Ps I hate boobs.

Tina said...

I believe that medical and scientific knowledge, wisdom and expertise IS God given for us to use. Finding out something scary is, well, SCARY. But knowing and acting on it probably would be lifesaving. Not knowing until it is too late, well, THAT is scary! However, what peace of mind it will be when you find out everything is ok and you can probably stop worrying about stuff.

Cyn said...

I say get the testing done. It will either ease your mind or let you prevent a worse outcome. Loves!

Chris, Mom,and Grandma said...

you could look at this way take both of them off and get new boobs that look fresh and easy!!j/k never been nursed off of and feel alittle perky.. or keep getting poked... I am glad your results were good, I always thought the unknown was better but then if i didn't listen to that small voice and act who knows where i would be today.. it still scares me to death and i get all nervous every time i go back every six months, i think i will always have that feeling..Do what you feel is right and act accordinally to what you feel does that make since.... probably not coming form me!!!

Brandi said...

shame on you for not making us privy to this much earlier....shame! anyhow, my vote is that "the high tech strategy IS part of that God given gift to you and your destiny". His is who guides the doctors that treat us! I have a love/hate relationship with boobs. I love that they fed and nurtured my baby but hate what happened to them in the aftermath!

melmck said...

i had no idea this was all going on! on so glad you are cancer free. benign is one of my favorite words. i don't know what to tell you on the decision but i can pray for you, so i'll do just that. love you!