Sunday, January 4, 2009

Grateful Sunday

Is everybody's house simply TRASHED after Christmas, or is it just me? I took down all of my Christmas decor and gave a good cleaning to the South end of the house, but the North end always seems to get neglected and would be last on my list to clean ... if I ever made a list.

So imagine my embarrassment, when Gary got a call during church today. First from our home alarm company and then from his Dad. Yep, our house was broken into while we were at church (pretty smart idiots I'd say). The entire house, even the North end, was given a detailed search by our handsome men in black AND my father-in-law.

The alarm scared off the bad guys (or girls, who am I to stereotype) so nothing was taken, except my dignity. Quite frankly, the way my bedroom looked, I don't know how the officers could really know if anybody was in there or not. I should probably get up right now and look again for myself!

So maybe this should be my New Year's Resolution. Although I really don't believe in them, because I don't like being told what to do ... even by me ... but I do like to have a clean home - from South to North.

Regardless of the Sabbath Day humility that I am experiencing, I am grateful. I am grateful that we have a house alarm. I am grateful that Gary had a feeling that we should actually set it before we left for church. I am grateful that my home was not disturbed (not even Matthew, who slept through the entire incident until he was looking at a long, sturdy flashlight being held by a policeman who was quick to ask him for his identification). I am grateful.

Maybe from now on, I'll just begin with the North end of things. We'll see.


Becky said...

YIKES!! I can't believe Matt slept through the whole thing! And I am glad no one was hurt.
My house is messy too, but really has nothing to do with Christmas and everything to do with 3 small kids.

Brandi said...

oh my gosh!!!!!!!!! glad that the only thing that was taken was your humility. be safe.

Chris, Mom,and Grandma said...

Wow, maybe they saw Matt and got scared off, thats alittle scary to think Matt was there the whole time, glad everything was okay and nothing gone..makes ya want to stay home from church! ha j/k.. you guys have it early now we have it late..hate that time..

Gail said...

Amazing Matt slept through everything! I'm so glad nothing was hurt but your pride:). That happened to me once when my house was totally trashed too! The kids called 911 by accident when I was gone and I came home to the police going through EVERY room. So embarrassing!! I'm sure they've seen it all. Thank heaven for alarm systems. the fact that they tried on Sunday shows your dedication to church:).

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