Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Vicariously -

I love this word ... especially if I say it with the filthy rich accent of Thurston Howell III ... vicaaaariously.
Just to make sure that I knew what the word meant, I looked it up. The first definition is:
"Experience through another by imagining."

Let's face it. For some of us, this is as close as it's going to get! I've often heard people talk - with a negative tone - about parents living vicariously through their kids. I used to listen and even join in on those conversations ..."Ya, they're just living vicariously through their kids. They're dumb." or something like that. But lately, I just don't see what the problem is!

You've all read about just a piece of my High School years, believe me, the other pieces don't get much better. Now I'm in my forties, which I actually LOVE, but the fact is ... there are things I didn't do, didn't have, didn't know and just plain aren't going to happen. Naturally, we pass our knowledge onto our posterity and HOPE that they will do things better than we did ... so what's the harm in experiencing that FULL FLEDGED JOY when they actually accomplish what we only dreamed of??

Well little Miss Kacey is doing just that. For YEARS, I have wanted to go see the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center in New York ... and guess who's going! Nope, not me, but the next best thing ... my daughter. I'm so excited for her and I am definitely imagining it.

I will continue to live vicariously through Kacey as I watch her live her life so much differently than I did. And let me tell you ... NOTHING could please me more!

Don't we ALL live vicariously through others at times?


Tina McKinnon said...

Way cool!!! Details, girl! Who, why, how, all that stuff. Rockefeller Center, that's exciting! xoxox Mom

Kacey said...

54 days!!! :D There goes my savings...haha

Anonymous said...

Karen you are so right and I don't see a darn thing wrong with living vicarious through our children as long as we don't try to live their lives for them. My sons have done and seen things I only have dreamed of or imagined doing. We can't help but be thrilled for them and imagin ourselves doing it too.
And Kacey, way to go. I'll live vicarious through you too, ok? I'm from N.Y. but have never been to Rockefeller Center.This will be a wonderful growing experiance for you. Who's all going? How long are you going to stay? Remember, it will be cold and windy as ice cicles back there, so plan on dressing warm, hat, scarf and gloves too. Hope you take lots of pictures for all of us that haven't been there, ok? Have a safe and wonderful time and know that I too will be living vicariously through you on this trip.
Love, mom/grandma Shaker

Cordova Family said...

How FUN!! I too will live viacariously through her as well because I wanna go too!! I hope to see lots of pics when she returns!! How fun!!

mrs. bennett said...

You weren't living vicariously through anyone when you saw BARRY MANILOW!

jake said...

still nothing on my 2 winning games wich both of tose teams didnt get any touchdowns