Friday, October 5, 2007

I have elves!

When Gary and I were first married, he used to say that it seemed like we had an elf. No matter how messy the house would be when he would retire to bed, when he awoke the next morning ... it was all gussied up. I really hate to wake up to a mess, so I try to pick things up before I go to bed.

Well the other night, I was spent. I couldn't bare the thought of picking up one more thing or putting one last thing away. I told Kacey and Keaton goodnight ... and I was out.

The next morning, I dragged myself out of bed and headed toward the kitchen prepared to clean up the dinner mess before I began making the breakfast one. I walked past the clean counters and, half asleep, headed straight for the dishwasher to start unloading what had been clean since the day before. I noticed that it was not quite as full as I remembered it. Then I began to look around! I HAD AN ELF!

I had no doubt that Keaton hadn't lifted a finger, which meant that it could only be one person. Thank heaven I had one daughter! She had cleaned up everything and started my day off better than I had imagined.

It made me giggle to think of my little elf, because she truly has an elf spirit. Kacey looks forward to Christmas more than Cindy Loo Who. This girl starts counting down the days to Christmas shortly after summer ends. So recently, the countdown began and her spirit was lifted. Every night she has been falling asleep to a special edition of Elf (Will Ferrell) on her laptop. Evidently, this edition of Elf offered some fun options at the end of the movie. I noticed a slightly hysterical image of an elf on her screen saver the other day and she stated "When someone gives me the opportunity to make myself an elf ... I take it!"

I haven't stopped laughing yet, so I had to post it. I really do have an elf!

Tonight Kacey, Garrison and I were cleaning up the house and I mentioned that Kacey was my elf. Kacey then grabbed hold of that concept and claimed Garrison as her elf. Garrison then sadly questioned "Who's my elf?"

It's good to have elves!


Tina McKinnon said...

You're a lucky woman! ...and I'm a lucky grandma! Gotta love those kids! Hug each other for me!!!

Anonymous said...

So cute!!!!
In answer to Garrison's question, your mommy is your elf, every day. And when you visit Papa Vince and I, we will be your elf's. Love you all soooo much. Looking forward to Garrison and Jake coming up to the houseboat and going fishing with me again. They are so much fun and really know how to catch fish. You all have a great and very special weekend, love you all soooo much.
P.S.-(Look forward to you all coming back up to our houseboat)
Mom & grandma Shaker

AmyK said...

Again ... can I borrow Kacey?

I need an elf!

Cordova Family said...

She really is an elf!! She was my dad's elf that one year! And a cute elf at that! That was the BEST Christmas program with all those cute elves runnin around!! She is such a sweet girl...I loved her letter she wrote to my mom about my dad...SO thoughtful!