Sunday, October 14, 2007

City Girl -

Most of my weekends consist of the same things as my weekdays ... but this weekend I went out on the town!

It started off Friday night with my first visit to the Mesa Arts Center ... AKA The MAC! It's an amazingly beautiful and huge new venue that we're proud to have in town.

The MAC was amazing and I hope everyone will take advantage of what it has to offer. Some friends of ours (The Standages) had 12 tickets for a group of us to go listen to a little Bluegrass. Bluegrass has never been "my thing", but no matter what your preference of music is, you have to appreciate the talent of these musicians! They were incredible. It was Ricky Skaggs and Bruce Hornsby. I could have listened to Bruce all night long. He is a fantastic pianist and quite entertaining.

Saturday got started off perfectly with little Mason's baptism. Danny & Tiffany's little boy is growing up! He had a hugely supportive turn-out with lots of family and friends gathered around. I failed to get a picture of Mason, but I got this great shot of his Great Grandma, little sister Reilly and cousin Nic. This was a tiny portion of his fans that day. Good job Mason!

At the baptism, I learned of a very fortunate possibility! Mikey had six tickets to go see my favorite comedian ... Brian Regan. Two of the tickets were possibly available to a sold out show and I wanted to go. Sure enough - the possibility became a probability and soon it was a done deal. Gary wasn't interested in going, so Kacey was my date (since she loves Brian Regan even more than me) and we were pumped! We were going to see Brian Regan at the sold out Dodge Theatre in Phoenix!

If I had any bit of blogging talent, THIS is where I would place a clip of Brian Regan just in case there are those who aren't aware of his funniness yet. But I have no blogging talent, so go Google him and enjoy him for a minute ... you won't be sorry.

On the way to Phoenix, we hit a short-term traffic jam. Usually when this happens, I sit wondering what is up ahead to create such a dilemma, but nothing is ever the obvious cause. This time ... it was obvious and Kacey hung out the window to get a shot of it.

I don't think this car will be salvageable!

I LOVE living in the city. I admit that I usually stay indoors, or frequent the same restaurants all within five miles of my home, but I know more is out there for the taking and I like knowing that.

Ricky Skaggs, Bruce Hornsby, Mason, Brian Regan, Kacey and a car fire! Ah ... the City.


Tina McKinnon said...

Glad you had fun... but just give me my mountain!! I did google Brian and he has some really funny material... however, I liked it better when I didn't WATCH him...

AmyK said...

AMEN GIRL! I absolutely LOVE living in the city. I too don't travel TOO far from home but I love knowing that when I want to do something a little more adventurous .. its closer than a 3 hour drive :)

melmck said...

i'm so jealous you saw brian regan! i have got to pay better attention to him and where he is. my sister saw him live and said it was the funniest thing she's ever seen. hope you enjoyed yourself!

Karen said...

I think he's funnier to watch than to listen to! He absolutely cracks me up! Nikole didn't like watching him either.