Monday, October 1, 2007

I LOVE this tradition!

I have eight siblings, one husband, five children, two parents and one Grandma. It used to be hard enough keeping track of these birthdays, but then my siblings got married and started having children of their own ... we're like rabbits! Inevitably, we have multiple birthdays every month ... and that's just for my side of the family. So we started this crazy great tradition of meeting on the first Monday of each month for Family Home Evening with EVERYONE! The cousins love it and it makes it really nice for the adults.

We usually go to the park. Everybody just brings their own dinner, presents are optional and we all have a good time.

Tonight was no exception ...

A few months ago, Uncle Pat and his family started to join us, which has been so fun since Aunt Paulene takes it upon herself to provide the kids with something to entertain them every month. Tonight were these very animated balloon kits that even the teenagers had fun decorating.


Tina McKinnon said...

Oh, that's great! Thanks for recording this for us! What a great family we have!!! I love to see the joy you all give each other!
Love you ALL!

The McKinnon 4 said...

Looks like FUN!!! Did you guys meet at the park in the summer too?? I dont think I could take the heat! It will be even nicer now that the evenings are so wonderful! It is about time!

Anonymous said...

You are so blessed to have such a warn and loving family to share all these very special and prescious times with. I feel truly blessed to be a tiny part of your world and to know most of your family, they're all wonderful people. Our Gary has brought us so may joys but he hit the jackpot when he married you and you both gave us these beautiful, talanted, wonderful grandchildern, we are so very proud, of all of you.
You are tops and so special, God has really blessed Vinnie and I.
Love you AND your blog.
Mom Shaker

melmck said...

hooray for our family FHE! it's a great way to know that even though i've neglected my in-law siblings for a month, i have a chance to redeem my self. :)

ps. KACEY! Start a blog already!

KACEY said...

daaang who's the babe on the scooter!
Mel- my blog would be too awesome to handle. jk It would probably be lame that's why I dont want to do it. I dont have much to write about- just plenty of comments for other blogs haha