Friday, October 5, 2007

Look out!

I refuse to blog about our game last night due to the extremely discouraging season that Keaton is having (although he is amazing out on that field) and thanks to Grandma Carol for your support! Instead, we are going to have a controversial yet celebratory post.

I do not believe that the infantile age of 15 years and seven months is old enough to be put behind the wheel of a deadly motor vehicle. Years of statistics show that the highest accident rate occurs to those sixteen-year-olds who are not even old enough to choose who they'd like to be their President, but apparently their hand/eye coordination has peaked so we'll strap 'em in! If these statistics have proven (and they have) that just one more year of growth and maturity has played a huge role in the improvement of driving records, then why OH WHY don't we change the age to seventeen?

That being said ... I escorted my third child down to the DMV on Saturday to begin the process that I drug out for as long as I could.

It all began here. If you look closely you will be able to see that this line is exactly 4.7 miles long and this is just the line to get inside to get your number to begin the waiting process! UGH But we had the camera and we all knew that this was going to get blogged so we had fun with it.

Finally we made it inside! Keaton was getting nervous about this most important test that he was about to take and Kacey was there to taunt him and ensure him that he was going to fail. Then it happened. All of the sudden I felt like I was about to board an airplane with a bomb in the sole of my shoe. A big woman started yelling at a man in front of us "No pictures!" Confused man: "What?" Big Woman: "I SAW THE FLASH! NO PICTURES IN HERE!" The entire line points to me, and I was quickly put in my place ... for a second.

So this is one of those times, where I'm not a very good example. For the most part, I am a rule follower. But when I think it's a stupid rule, I tend to ignore it. This would be one of those times and it was game on!

Kacey was my accomplice (I already admitted I was a bad example) and lucky for us we had a very small camera and a girl who knew how to turn off the flash!

So here's the overflowing waiting area that we were now a part of ... indefinitely.

This was the point where I realized that I hadn't had breakfast and my blood sugar had apparently plummeted and I thought I was going to pass out and/or throw up. Neither of which happened, so it was already a success!

We sat in these oh so comfy chairs quizzing Keaton about how far away from a fire hydrant he could park ... yep that makes a boy ready to drive!

Our number was B229 and they were on B213 - of course every other letter of the alphabet is mingled in there too. Finally our number was called and the fun began.

It was Keaton's turn to take the test. Would he be able to remember how to signal if his blinkers were ever completely blitzed? What about the right-of-way ... WHO HAS THE RIGHT-OF-WAY? The pressure was mounting and Keaton was not sure if he was ready. It didn't matter now, it was test time.

Big lady: "Maam - Back away from the window!" Oh dang, my plan to help a child cheat just to get him behind the wheel and out on the road was foiled! "Kacey quick! Get the picture!"

Dang she's good! So we waited ... and waited ... and waited to see if he would miss less than five questions out of 30. Did I want him to pass? I was conflicted within myself. I was already able to put this situation off for a good eight months and I guess that's a little better. He is sixteen now, but he isn't allowed to get his Driver's License until he gets his Eagle (yes, I'm one of those mothers). So I guess the permit stage is still controllable and we'll do our best to teach him how to be a good driver and just pray that that's enough. But would he pass his test?

Of course.

So here we go again. Another child trying to grow up and me trying to defer it for as long as possible. Keaton is a great kid and he's going to be a great man. Good job Keaton!

Yes Kacey, you did good too.


AmyK said...

I can't believe I'm going to be going through this in less than 2 years *cry*

Can I borrow Kacey?

Anonymous said...

All I can say about the game last night is that our Keaton played his heart out and did a fantastic job trying to win. One of his team mates was injured during the game, possibly a broken collar bone, he was one of the Toro's good runners. So sorry this had to happen and I pray he heals and recovers fast, but bad for the Toro's because he will be out the rest of the season, (3 more games this month). My sons were in music, didn't want anything to do with sports so I never had the opportunity to yell and hoot for someone until my wonderful grandchildren. OH what fun!!!! And Karen is the BEST yelling and hooting mom there, she really supports and encourages her children in everything they do.
And as for first drivers, been there, done that, so know how you feel. I think the age should be 18, still that may not be old enough, ha ha. Good luck and be careful.... Love you all,
Mom & grandma Shaker

Tina McKinnon said...

Well done, all of you!!! I don't even want to relive those days... I let your dad do most of the driving lessons... I always saw my life flash before my eyes!!! Keep up the good blogging!
Mom/Gramma Tina

Becky said...

Hey he passed on the first try even! I failed my first try (due to parallel parking, which I still can't do) and I am pretty sure all of my sisters failed their first attempt as well. Do you want a ride anywhere??

melmck said...

GREAT story! I'm so proud of little Keats! Can't wait to see him in action!