Monday, October 15, 2007

Simple Evolution

As a young girl, two things I would dread.

1. Taking a bath

2. Going to bed

I’d run, jump and play clear into the night

Not giving it up without a big fight.

The bathtub and bed were like torture to me.

“When I grow up, I’ll do neither … you’ll see!”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tonight, I am older. I still run all day.

And things that I dread still get in my way.

But I have a few minutes. These minutes are rare.

What shall I do FOR ME… if I dare?

The answer comes clearly inside of my head.

I long for a bath and my big king sized bed.



Anonymous said...

Very good Karen. Love it. So true for most of us ladies, right?. Take a little relaxing time for US, and no better place then the quite, cozy place of our warm tub and comfy king bed ( with a little TV ) to end a busy day. That's what I call "putting the frosting on the cake".
Vinnie and I had a wonderful (just us)weekend on our housebout. With no heavy cooking, microwave dinners,and sandwiches, plus lots of fishing off the side of the boat. I caught over 35 crappie-so much fun..........Nice laid back weekend,aaahhhhh.
Love ya, mom Shaker

Tina McKinnon said...

Amen! My idea of the good life, too! ( you're still a great poet, along with your dad!)