Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Labor Day - 2007

Two posts in one night ... look at me go!
Labor Day was a fun day at Roosevelt Lake for the Shaker's.

Gary took Jake and Garrison and spent the whole weekend on Grandpa Vince's houseboat.
My in-laws, Vince & Carol Shaker
(who also live right across the street from us)
spend every weekend at the lake. They've got a pretty sweet set-up and they are happy to entertain their family and friends.
Check out their floating four-bedroom home away from home.

Keaton had football practice on Saturday morning at 5:30 and Kacey was just getting home from camping with her friend Lainey - so when all of that was done, we headed over and met Gary and the boys. My favorite part of this amazing boat is the very top. It's beautiful up there. Comfy furniture that allow you to just sit/lay and relax while you take in the view.

The kids' favorite part is the slide that takes them off the back of the boat into the lake for a
nice swim.

Right next to the houseboat is this handy dandy bar-b-que area where Keaton and his buddies enjoyed some steaks - cooked to perfection by Gary ... and the rest of us had some delicious hot dogs. Behind this picnic area, you can see our little boat parked next to Vince's bass boat. Between these and the wide expanse of the houseboat, it's our own little Sunsplash!

Here's Kacey surrounded by her "little" brother and his friends Zach and Dallin.

Gary's Mom & Dad raised him on the ocean, so this is as close as it gets for him now. This is his comfort zone and he loves the water. He is now passing the tradition on to the next generation as he begins to teach Jake to drive the boat.

This is Jake's first boat that he learned to "drive". He took me on a little tour around the marina.

Andrea, Jace & Joely followed me up and it was nice to have them there. Garrison loves to hang out with Joely and they did some awesome fishing ... which I got absolutely no pictures of.
Jace wasn't quite sure about the water, but before we left he was going off the slide like it was his own little playground.

Kacey can barely move today after taking such leaps and plunges on the tube that we (yes, we) rode on, but a good time was had by all.

Thanks for the hospitality!


Tina McKinnon said...

What a great setup! Wow! I had no idea... how fun! Glad you have that and are able to enjoy it... and that everyone came home in one piece! Cool! xox

Kevin & Melissa Williams said...

Wow,that is one nice house boat looks like you guys had tons of fun.

Cordova Family said...

Oh, how fun is that!! I'm jealous!! For fun backgrounds go to shabbytulips.blogspot.com....just follow the directions.

AmyK said...

Right on! That looks like so much fun!