Sunday, September 23, 2007

Happy Home -

I love good mornings!

This morning has been a very enjoyable Sabbath morning. It probably has A LOT to do with the fact that we are through with triple digit weather, but it has me feeling very pleased with my home. We do not have an elaborate house or anything to brag about, but people like to be here ... and I love that. The other day Danny brought Gavin and Reilly by and they always make me feel so good because they hate to leave. It could be the never ending supply of ice-cream that we have in our backyard.

I love to see my kids and their cousins playing on the swing sets.

Gary is a big part of the fun we have around here. Of course his work ethic is what has supplied us with the swing set and the ice-cream freezer, but he's also FULL of energy. This morning I woke up to him cooking pancakes and bacon ... outside! It was like I was camping in my very own bed ... waking up to the amazing smell of bacon. Oh dang! And Garrison is following in his Dad's shadow as an up and coming chef at age 10. He wore his bicycle helmet just in case?

Andrea and Jace were over to share breakfast with us before we all headed off to church.

It was a great morning that left me grateful for my happy home.


Tina McKinnon said...

Awh, man! That looks great! I'm so happy to see happiness in my kids' and grandkids' lives! 'True' happiness is the best thing we can ask for them! Thanks for bringing so much of it to us and your family! xox

KACEY said...

Mom I am so glad you keep a blog so I can read about what happens all the mornings I sleep through. haha

Anonymous said...

mom i am so glad you have a blog so I can see my cool body over and over. and im glad that I am a early bird so i can expiereance the fun at kaceys sleepy time. Garrison

Melissa said...

I called Tiffany and asked her if she saw the pictures of Riley. I laughed when I saw her dirty little feet.

Karen said...

Melissa ha ha! You must have clicked on that picture to experience the larger view of those little feet. She was having so much fun that day and I had to get a picture of it. She is such a sweet little girl, but she knows how to have fun with all of the boys too. I love that Reilly!

AmyK said...

Thank GOODNESS he wore that helmet!!

Cooking can be very dangerous, you never know what might happen.

LOL .. too cute! Still amazed he is that red-headed baby from way back when!!