Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Change is good

So about the games on Saturday, they lost. Both boys lost their games, blah blah blah lost. So it was pretty unremarkable BECAUSE the only thing I could think about was that it was ...

HOT … hot, hot, hot!

I've lived here my whole life and honestly, the heat just doesn't bother me anymore. HOWEVER, Saturday, I seriously was concerned for my well-being. Here I was sitting with my niece Joely and nephew Jace under an umbrella with a makeshift fan that we made from the empty Gushers box. We were dressed lightly and had cold water bottles at our side. We were prepared! We were prepared and we were absolutely soaking, dripping wet. There was no relief from the heat. I don't even know how hot it got Saturday, but I'm guessing at least 147 degrees!

So I have two questions:

1. How in the world do these football players do it? Under full pads and uniforms, out in the middle of the field under the blazing sun!

2. Who in the heck scheduled a noontime game in the middle of September in AZ?


Now here's the great ending to this story. Near the end of the second game, just when I thought I was seriously melting and there were a group of us huddled under a small circle of shade, it happened! Some clouds rolled in, a breeze picked up and the weather literally changed right before our eyes.

Today the temperatures are much more tolerable. I think we've made it through the worst of a very hot summer, and we've moved on. It seems that just when you can't take another minute of the heat, which could be symbolic for all of life's scorching challenges, the burden is lifted. Change is good.


AmyK said...

Add some humidity to the picture and I'll feel sorry for you :)

Seriously though ... I don't get how they do it either! There have been a few deaths here because of it!!

Tina McKinnon said...

Those boys are awesome!
Isn't it great how ALL "life's scorching challenges" can actually be lifted, in one way or another?! Change is good.... Life is Good. You're doing good... keep it up!
xox - mom

Mrs. Bennett said...

I don't know how you guys can stand that Arizona heat during the summer! But the winters are so nice.