Friday, September 28, 2007

It's a WIN!

Well I decided that maybe my "pre-show" blogging was jinxing poor Keaton's team. So I said nothing about game day yesterday ... and it worked! Last night we played Dobson High School, which was a bit sad since one of their players was shot and killed last week and the school was very much still in mourning. But the show must go on, and it did. It was actually a really good game and we could tell that Dobson played with a lot of heart for their lost teammate. Eventually, we pulled ahead and won 55 - 41. The interesting thing about that score is that the boy who died was number ... 41. After the game, Dobson students gathered around the scoreboard taking pictures of his number. So no injuries, everyone played well, and we got a win! A great big shout-out to Keaton's fans who came to watch the game, Great Grandma McKinnon, Grandpa Vince & Grandma Carol, Julie and all of her very cute and very well-behaved children. I have one more thing to say. If your child is out-of-control obnoxious and is keeping viewers from even hearing the announcer over the very loud, yet not loud enough, PA system ... PLEASE REMOVE HIM/HER FROM THE GENERAL PUBLIC!


Anonymous said...

This was the second game Vince and I attended to watch our Keaton play and I tell you, HOW EXCITING. I yelled so much I almost lost my voice, it crackled when I spoke. It took me a while to regain it, but thank goodness I have it back. It was a very exciting game and we are looking forward to the next one. GO KEATON, GO. We love you,
Grandma & Papa Shaker

AmyK said...

Amen my sistah!

I hate parents of out of control children that refuse to acknowledge their out of control children. My children were far from perfect but I would never let them disrupt everyone around me.

That's just plain rude!!

melmck said...

Hooray for awesome keaton! good work!