Thursday, September 13, 2007

I have a problem ...

I have a problem. I'm confessing it on my blog in hopes for some possible suggestions, but really I just enjoy humiliating myself. So here it is.



Now you're probably thinking "Oh brother". And I'm telling you this is a serious problem! I wake up, and all I can think about is "I wonder what I can have for lunch today." A couple of months ago, Julie called me and said "Karen, I'm over at my nieces house and they are having Won Tons!" For those of you that don't know what Won Ton's are, well I'm so sorry for you. But the weakness I have is homemade by Mac's little Asian family and they are so absolutely yummy and I'm sure they're sooooo fattening. So what did I do upon Julie's phonecall? I raced over to their own little Sunday family dinner and I LOADED up a whole entire plate of won ton's and ate them all!

Another time, Julie's mother-in-law sent over a full bug of frozen Won Tons that she had put aside for me. I horded the entire bag. I shared a few with Kacey, but I specifically remember not wanting to!

Another of my latest weaknesses is this amazing new candy bar.

I have always loved dark chocolate, so they don't have to convince me it's special! Oh dang! You put one of these in the refrigerator ... it's a piece of dark heaven to me! Um, would that be hell? I told you I HAVE A PROBLEM!


Tina McKinnon said...

Ok, I'll confess, too! Those are a couple of my obsessions, too!!! I have, in the last year, learned to LOVE dark chocolate! I am good with Hershey's, but my very favoritest one is Dove Dark!!! Oh my gosh!!! I could eat the whole bag in one sitting if I tried!!! And, as far as the Won Tons... Oh baby! They are so good. Mac's mom puts MSG in them, like we use salt, and they give me a migraine... but do I care? Heck no! I just take my prescription headache medicine and chomp away!!! They are so good, and as long as she will continue to bring them to Christmas-morning breakfasts, she'll always be invited!!! And, might I add, YOU HAVE VERY GOOD TASTE IN TASTES!!!
You go, girl! xox - Mom

AmyK said...

There are few things in this world I enjoy more than food ... I will just leave it at that :)