Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Chicken Pox or Chiggers?

It’s a mystery! For the past three days I’ve been accumulating BUMPS! I keep waking up with tiny little things that are driving my crazy with itchies. They are mostly below my shoulders and above my hips with a few stragglers on my arms. I started counting and lost track at twenty-something.

Yesterday I got the creepy thought that maybe I was being bit while sleeping. UGH! So last night, the disinfecting began. I took the mattresses completely off, bleached all of the sheets and pillowcases, vacuumed under around and on top of the bed. This morning … still more bumps!

I’m freaking out!

These days I have this long luscious curly hair, and I’m thinking it would be a perfect nesting place for a family of biters! I’m ready to shave my head and move out of my house!

I can’t stand to wear my bra because it’s rubbing right on top of some of those bumps and it’s really creating a problem! Those of you who know me know that I simply CAN’T go without a bra!

I can’t stop scratching. I feel like there is a big conspiracy going on. Gary sleeps in the same bed and has no problem. I have a doctor’s appointment this morning, so hopefully the mystery will be solved.

If it’s a solution I want to share, I’ll post it!


Anonymous said...

Where is Aunt Jean when you need her? C (That is a rhetorical question! lol)

Kacey said...


melmck said...

bed bugs. man, do they bite.

Mrs. Bennett said...

Staci got lice when she was in Uruguay - and I got fleas in Honduras. Now you have Chiggers? What a happy family!

AmyK said...

WOW .. Carol Jean said "lol" .. I don't even know what to say about the bumps

AmyK said...

I'm waiting to find out what was / is wrong with you!