Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring Break on a Budget -

Last week was Kacey's Spring Break. This week is everyone else's. So what do you do when you don't go to California or Mexico like everyone else? Well first of all, when Keaton asks if he can go to Mexico with his friends and their family for the price of one twenty dollar bill ... you hand him the $20 and hug him adios. Then, here's what we did ...

Monday - Wear green and get in free at Skateland!
Tuesday - I had two movie passes left over from Christmas (compliments of Jake for just such an occasion). Horton Hears A Who ... here we come!
Wednesday - Drive out to Usery Pass and take a little hike with the boys, where I got some shots of my boys and my desert.

Thursday - I'm tired, but Andrea is taking Garrison to the Easter Pageant!
Friday - I want to take a trip all the way to Phoenix just to ride the glass elevator at the Hyatt Regency up to the 20th floor. If you haven't tried it, it's a must! If you look at this picture, it shows you the hotel with the circular room on top of it. Well, this circular room is a restaurant with surrounding glass windows and the room actually rotates around as you are dining! I've eaten there a few times and it's amazing, but honestly the glass elevator ride that resembles a trip from Willy Wonka is my favorite. I found it in High School (probably with Ann) and now I've passed the thrill on to my kids.
Saturday - Stare at the ceiling and begin counting down the hours until school starts again. I am not a young lass anymore, but I'm trying!

P.S. These adventures took place AFTER an eight-hour work day. I'm that good.


Nancy said...

You are a good mom, Karen. And I must have missed something. Where are you working?

Malissa said...

Wow....that is good!! How fun for you and your kids!! It's all about the memories!! The rotating restraunt, The Compass (I think), is super cool! I don't recall the elevator, but I'll be checkin that!!

Chris Shill said...

What a Women you are! well you could of done what we did take spring break three days before it started and then come home and have a whole week of wishing you were still there and thnking of what we could do for the next 6 days!! next year will be diffrent for sure!! so where are you working?

Tina said...

You're totally awesome! xox

Mrs. Bennett said...

You are an awesome mother.

Becky said...

Fun stuff. Your kids are cute!!

ann said...

Ahhh.. yes.... I remember it now.
The glass elevator, the compass room. We really were VIP's once in our life weren't we.

An eight hour work day??? Where???