Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I heard this song yesterday (in the movie Horton Hears a Who) and this memory came flooding into my mind.

I was in the fourth grade, 1975, and this was the hottest song of them all. I was in the library at Lindbergh Elementary School and I was with a friend in a soundproof room made of four glass walls. The girl I was with (can't remember her name), was practicing a dance routine that she was working on that went to this totally rad song. She put on the ole' 45 and began practicing as I watched with wonderment and awe.

After a few practice runs, she left the room for a brief time. There I was, alone in my soundproof music room with the record player and record in front of me. I had watched my friend and rehearsed her moves in my mind ... I could do this!

And so I did. I placed the needle on the record and began to dance my heart out. I wish I could adequately describe the movements I was making, suffice it to say that there were martial arts involved. Soon, very soon, I noticed many people gathering around the walls (which I must have forgotten were transparent). Did this stop me? No. I rocked that song like nobody ever had before and I did it in front of a live audience (who did not even have the luxury of audio to accompany my sweet moves). The song ended, my friend came back into the room and nobody said a word. No compliment, no pat on the back, not even any suggestions on how to improve my routine.

As time passed and I am currently well aware that I have absolutely no rhythm or sense of any good dance skill, I am grateful that those fellow students never scoffed at me ... and this song still makes me giggle.


Tina said...

Oh what a hoot!! I can just see it now... Dance Fever... Karen style! What a funny thing to flash back on... Glad it's for a giggle!

Chris Shill said...

I so can remember this song! your so funny!

Becky said...

We wanna go see that show...good for little kids? What's your recommendation?

Karen said...

LOVED THE SHOW! I loved it and my kids loved it. I can't imagine little ones not enjoying it. Everybody should see it.

The McKinnon 4 said...

Oh I can picture you now! Cant wait to see the movie.