Monday, March 24, 2008

Famous In-Laws -

Have you all sat down to browse through your current issue of Houseboat yet?

Well, if you had you'd see my parent-in-laws, whom we lovingly refer to as Grandpa Vince and Grandma Carol!

Their houseboat is one of my kids' favorite places to be ... in the whole world. Apparently they had some fancy pantsy highfalutin engine work done, by somebody that really knows his fancy pantsy highfalutin engines (or motors or big shiny red things) ... which got the attention of the Houseboat magazine. How exciting to be in print! For those of you who didn't already know, my parent-in-laws live across the street from us and they have for about 13 years now. I have often referred to us as Everybody Loves Raymond and really there are quite a few similarities.

Carol's house = always spotless *** Mine = not
Carol's cooking = amazing *** Mine = not

Surprisingly enough though, it is very pleasant. We have our boundaries and fortunately it has worked out great. Gary is very close to his Dad and loves to visit with him every day (except for the weekends when they are up at the ole' houseboat). We are lucky to have family so close by and even luckier that they have a pool ... and a houseboat!


Tina said...

Actually, this is funny... 'cause your dad and I often say that Debra reminds us of you!! I love that show! xox

melmck said...

hooray for grandpa vince and grandma carol! i will never forget that yummy food she gave us on christmas day my first year in the mck family.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Karen, this was nice. I have to agree with your mom, Debra's one liners are so you (you even look a little alike). We love that show too, hated to see it end, but still watch all the reruns. I hope the similarities with Marie end with the two you quoted, if not, please don't write it in your blog, ok? Just tell me. HA HA. Love living across the street and having our grandchildren so close. Only wish we saw them more. Looking forwards to Keaton's football games too. Summers coming, pool is ready and waiting, so is houseboat. xxxooo mom Shaker

Chris Shill said...

how fun to have access to a houseboat! that would be Boyd's dream well one of them!! it would be a toss up between that boat and a fishing boat! you need to make a trip to Rocky Point!! you would have fun!

Malissa said...

lol You do remind me of Debra! That's fun having them so close!! And fun having access to a pool and a houseboat! How sweet is that!! Hole in the rock is at Papago Park by the Phoenix Zoo. So fun!!

Chris Shill said...

okay the Diet thing keeps poping up on your blog, and when i ask hannah and my sister to go on your blog it comes up with some romance thing to do in your life, so i guess it is trying to tell me something!!!hum lol