Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Well we blew it. WE DID NOT MAKE AN SNL WITH THE AUSSIE.  I'm sorry.  We tried!  He was over there and then we were here and she was there and it just never worked out.  Darn it!

So Bryce is gone, and we will miss him forever.

Now, onto my newest phase.

I need a vacation.  A REAL vacation!  A place that will whisk me away from work and worries.  This place will have to supply me with amazing food, incredible lodging, preferably a beach and a pedicure that will knock my socks off ... pun intended.

I LOVE to dream of these vacations.  I've even been known to have them perfectly executed on paper.  And then ... I browse them.  That's right.  I find these magnificently perfect get-away packages and I pull them up on my double monitors and press 'NEXT' all night long.  Eventually I get tired of clicking ... and I'm done with my phase, without even having to pack a bag, find a sitter or take a sedative.

So help me out ... where should I go for my next web-cation?
And what was your bestest real vacation ever?

I've been here before ... maybe it's calling my name again!


Cyn said...

By the way...we've really been missing SNL.

Becky said...

Costa Rica!!! Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica to be exact! *LOVE* out Casa405 that's the house we stayed in when went 2 years ago) private beach..private massage...private chef....ahhh I just got in the vaca planning mode now....I will go back very soon!

Diane said...

a vacation...what's that?