Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dear Friends & the Australian parents -

We've been having a blast!  As soon as Jake met Bryce, he turned to me and asked "Can we keep him?"  I will never get tired of the accent.  Try as I might to perfect it, I just can't do it justice.  He says that I sound British.  I'm afraid that's as close as it's going to get.  

Poor little Bryce (who really isn't little at all) has had a cold or allergies or something that is creating some serious discomfort since he landed in our fine country.  He's allergic to America!  But this kid is a rugby player and he doesn't let anything slow him down.  Tough as nails I say!  (I typed that in British).

He has been to a hockey game, go-kart riding, touring Tempe, checking out the high school, tasting American food, hiking Sedona, viewing the Grand Canyon, shooting guns, experiencing our family and all the while making sure to leave his shoes outside the front door (even though we don't).  He's a very well-mannered bloke!

He calls me Mummy and pats my head.  We've grown to love him and we are so glad that we signed up for this experience.  I really hope he gets feeling better so that he can enjoy his last weekend in the states.

... and you can all look forward to an Australian Sunday Night Live 
coming right up!

Until then, here is a little glimpse of Bryce the Australian.



Diane said...

If I was a foreigner coming to experience America, I'd want to do it at the Shaker Shack for sure!

wesley's mom (sue) said...

I hope you're planning to get him some square fish while he's in town. I hate for him to miss out on that American experience!