Thursday, February 2, 2012

Weekend of Sisters ~

Here's the deal.  When one sister dies, you cling tighter to the ones that are left.  That's just the way it is ...  pure and simple.  Ever since Kristi passed away, there has been a grip on my sisters that nobody could possibly breach.  Our need for each other is relentless as it takes priority over most things in life.  We defend one another and we take nothing for granted.  A bit pitiful that it takes a death to create such a connection, but we're making the most of it now.  Don't get me wrong, I've always been super tight with all of my siblings, but the sister thing is just a little bit more divine now.

One thing that we have started doing is "Sister Weekends!"  It's just as delightful as it sounds.  We pack it up, leave our husbands and children behind, find a sweet hotel and we do sister things.

Last weekend was one of our finest!  Our cousin was leaving to go on his mission, we had family running in the Color Run and we had hair and nails that needed to be done.  Since Julie is pregnant, we knew it could be awhile before we get to leave our little ones again ... so we took it all in and basked in its glory.

We decided to go "out of town" about 20 miles up the road to Chandler, AZ.  We stayed right by the Chanlder Fashion Square Mall so that we could be within close proximity to F-U-N!

This was our humble abode for the weekend ... and it was lovely.  Julie was very patient as we traveled to 5 different hotels until I felt the right "energy".  I have issues.  Moving on.

The first morning, we watched our little family members cross the finish line just as colorful as can be.  If you've never heard of the Color Run ... here you go!

They raised a chunk of cash for our local Cardon Children's Hospital.  Great job ladies!

Then we went to Monti's La Casa Vieja and ate a lovely meal as we tried to wipe off the colorful powder that would remain in our cracks, crevices and eyebrows until our next shower.

Then we went to our favorite place in the whole wide world.  Grandma's house.  We knocked and knocked on her door, but she didn't answer.  We finally found her sitting on the back porch reading a book.  It was a lovely day to sit on your back porch and read a book ... or to stay in a hotel with your sisters!  Have you heard of our Winters?  Bravissimo!

This was followed by some shopping, some eating, some laughing, pedicures, manicures, hair cuts, a movie and just some good ole' sister time.

I love these weekends and I love the tradition that we've created.  I think I'll start planning the next one ... but for now, I'll just keep this one close to my heart.  Kristi is still teaching us.


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I LOVE it!! So glad you guys feel this way about each other!! I wish I still had my sister to 'hang' with!! Awesome!

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