Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy Birthday little Momma ~

Today is Kacey's birthday.  My only female offspring has turned 23 years old ... in the blink of an eye I might add.  It seems like this picture was taken just yesterday.

Let's face it ... 
I mostly just posted that picture because I look really good.

Anyway, my little girl is all grown up and it really did happen very quickly.  I recently remembered a day when Kacey was just days old.  My Dad came over to visit the wee one and he was holding the swaddled gem all snug in his arms.  We were standing in my kitchen, and I turned around to see him crying ... tears streaming down his naturally red cheeks.  I promptly asked what was wrong, and this was his sweet reply ...

"I just know that your Mom played a role in sending her down."

Of course he was right!  Of course my Mom would get to meet her grandchildren before they were sent to earth for a season.  I consider myself to be one of the most blessed recipients of such an incredible gift, and I thank all of those heavenly hosts that played a part in it.

Fast forward 23 years and here is that gem now ... 
carrying a gem of her own!

I got to see my little grandson today.  As his Momma rested on the doctor's papered table, the ultrasound tech gave us a glimpse of this boy and we got to watch him play.  He is already amazing.  This whole cyclical story is amazing.  I know that he is making mortal preparations to take on this world, and I'm sure that my mom and sister and concourses of angels have helped introduce him to this crazy experience that is about to take place.  He's going to rock it.  

So Happy Birthday little Kacey!  
But I'm afraid that I got the present today.  
And here he is.

 He's going to like me.


Lindsee said...

He is going to LOVE you! What a great post this was. And tell Kacey I am so sorry I can't make it Saturday :( So sad. But she can expect a little something in the mail from me ;)

wesley's mom (sue) said...

Of course he's going to like you. What's not to like?