Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Scout Campish

Today, my house felt like Scout Camp.  Remember this post?  Well Wall-E 2.0 has gone missing.  He managed to chew through a renovated (with duct tape) portion of his condo.  Jake tried to remodel the little guy's residence and give him a TV room.  Instead, it enabled the escape of 2011. 

So now we have traps set up ... all over our house.  Mark my words, Jake is going to be an Engineer of some type.  Just look at the creativity mingled with perfect balance!

We'll try with all our might to catch the little fella'.  
Apparently they like corn.
It better not end up in my bed.

But just in case it doesn't work out with the hamster, Jake came home from school today asking if we could get an Australian.  I waited for him to finish his sentence.  Australian Shepherd?  Australian licorice?  But that was it.  Just an Australian.   He is begging for us to be a host family to an Australian boy.  

Clearly, we do not entertain our children nearly enough.

Have you ever been a host to a foreign exchange student?

P. S.  You are not going to want to miss the next Sunday Night Live.  Seriously.


Tina McKinnon said...

Won't miss it.... :) Can't wait!

wesley's mom (sue) said...

If the corn doesn't work I can lend you a cat or two.

We hosted Japanese exchange students a few years in a row when our boys were small. It was fun, but the language barrier was an issue at times. You wouldn't have that problem with an Australian. I say go for it!!

Diane said...

I had the occasional yearning to host an Australian but I was really always grateful to have miss the deadline or figure we would be asked. Bottom line I knew I would tire fast of putting on a show 24/7 for a stranger, whom we may grow to love. (No guarantees there) You'd be much better at hosting, so I say...go for it and let them experience the Shaker Shack! (But don't blame me)

Becky said...

Maybe the Australian could be a guest on SNL.....ohhh that could be HUGE! Just sayin!