Thursday, September 22, 2011

Visiting up North ~

As you may have heard on Sunday Night Live, I took a trip up with my sisters to visit the parents last weekend.  It was lovely weather, lovely scenery, but mostly ... lovely donuts.

 Right out of my Dad's garden!

 This was right after Julie smacked my hand down.  Please click on this picture so that you can really see my ridiculous face.  Aye yi yi!

 It really was lovely, but I was ready to get back to my hood.

What is your favorite town outside of the city?

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Tina McKinnon said...

It was wonderful, wasn't it? Perfect in every way! Those are great picturs... I didn't even know you took most of them... Dang! I am so not photogenic!! If I look that fat now, what must 25 lbs. ago look like? AGH!! Thanks for posting these... I'll save them to my computer! xox