Thursday, April 23, 2009


I need a super fantastic ...


& lovely

recipe for Lemon Bars -

for Keaton's Prom dinner on Saturday!



Kacey's View said...

Garrison and Joely make awesome lemonade... I bet they have their own recipe for lemon bars! hahaha oh gosh.
Try not to miss me too bad this weekend... keep the boys out of my bed!

sue said...

I just use the "Krustez Lemon Bar in a box" Recipe. It's quite foolproof.

The McKinnon 4 said...

Sorry cant help BUT I LOVE a good lemon bar and would love a good recipe. Maybe you could post it when you find it. =)

'Garrett's mom' said...

Lol I'm with Kacey :) jk
I was actually going to tell you to use the Kristez Lemon Bar in a box too. They are so easy, and really yummy :)
Sorry I cant be of more help

Carol said...

Call me. I have two really good ones.