Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Christmas in April -

Well that was fun ... I should beg more often! Thanks for the motivation and fab topic ideas. I'll be using those soon.


For over 20 years, I've had a love/hate relationship with Santa Claus. The big guy creates a whirlwind of emotions for me that are not always very jolly.

Every year, I methodically make equal lists of desired objects that will bring smiles to the faces of my wee ones. I fight the crowds, spend the money, stay up all night on Christmas Eve preparing the best possible exhibit upon entry ... and give St. Nick some of the credit!

Occasionally, the choice is placed before me in the form of a question of whether or not to continue the bold-faced lie. As they grow older and have logical questions about fireplaces and reindeer, they begin to inquire. The appropriate age has always been a quandary to me. When exactly are they old enough to be told that we've lied to them since birth?

I guess since the answer to this question is a bit fuzzy ... I've never REALLY answered the question ... to any of my kids ... EVER!

This week was no different.

Jake: "Mom, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny aren't really real, right?"

Me: Dead silence.

Me, a minute later, as I pondered what the Super Nanny would tell me to say: "What do YOU think?"

Jake: "I don't think they're real."

Me: "Well, you'll still get gifts."

Jake: "Ya, I know."

So there it is. A deep conversation with my son about the truths of the universe!

I have no problem talking to my kids about ANY other topic. I am the parent who talks to them about body parts and functions. I talk to them about boys and girls. I talk to them about EVERYTHING! So why is this such an uncomfortable thing for me?

The bottom line here is that I only have one child left to lie to. Truth be known, he already knows the facts of Christmas. But for now, I guess he still enjoys living the adolescent dream ... anticipating what tricks we will play to continue the story on his behalf as the scene is created Christmas morning.

Does anybody else have a hard time telling their kids the truth???


mom/sandy said...

Karen you just always need to BELEIVE!!!!!!!!

Michelle said...

I don't know Santa, Easter Bunny, Leprechauns, the 3 kings, the tooth fairy all still come to my house and I hope they always will.

When my kids ask me, I do like my mom did " of course they are real!" which leads us, as adults in our 30s and 40s to still believe... moms don't lie afterall.

Becky said...

Well my kids are still pretty little...so I will continue the lie. I think it's great for now.

Kacey's View said...

Um....We've never had leprechauns or the 3 kings come to our house. Are these new fantasy friends or have we been deprived?

sue said...

I do what you do. I ask them what they think. None of our kids believe in anything anymore. I even had one say to me "Since I KNOW that you are the toothfairy, can I just get a Polly Pocket instead?"---she got a lump of coal.

Curtis Chicks said...

My kids and I never had "the talk" they just kind of figured it out on their own ... my ex on the other hand refused to give Santa Clause & the Easter Bunny credit for what he did .. I say whatever. Do what works for you, Christmas & Easter aren't about Santa & the Easter Bunny anyway right?

Gail said...

Some of mine figured it out and others, I brought it up. After all, I didn't want them finding out in Junior High school from friends and be embarrassed. But Steve explained it one of ours who was very insistent, very young (age 7), this way.
The dvd of Peter Pan had just come out and he said.."You know that Peter Pan isn't a real person, but you like to believe in him anyway, right?" and she said "yes, Oh, I get it. " He went on to explain that once there really was a Santa, but those of us who like to believe carry on the tradition he started. She was totally satisfied and much happier that it finally made sense to her.
Everyone's different, but don't stress about it.
BTW I love your blog but understand how you feel. I think everyone's in a bit of a funk. I miss your visits to mine though:).