Monday, April 6, 2009

Life goes on ...

Life continues to go on without Gary at home.

My roses have started to bloom. I LOVE that!

Jake is still a chicken "farmer". He LOVES his rooster (Big Tom) and carries it around with him every chance he gets. Don't worry though, he makes sure to wrap it up in one of my good towels ... just in case.

And Keaton continues to amaze us with his athletic ability. Today he brought home a trophy from football practice. It's actually a Softball trophy (he doesn't play softball) ... with a girl on it (he's clearly NOT a girl) ... awarded to somebody in 2007. But when he saw it in the trash can, he just couldn't pass it up. Atta boy Keaton ... you make us proud!


Becky said...

I think I threw that trophy in the trash. I want it back!

'Garrett's mom' said...

Haha that's to funny :)
I'll have to work on some better blog posts to talk about at FHE :) Apparently you really enjoyed that last one didn't ya ;)