Thursday, April 2, 2009

My plumber is gone -

About eight minutes ago, Gary left. In this economy, when a plumber is offered work, you get in the truck and drive ... even if it takes you to Wichita, Kansas. He'll be gone for several days and I'll be here. I love his work ethic and I'm trying to stay positive. So here are some things that might make the distance work for me.

1. I think we're going to be eating VERY simple meals.
2. I am going to be sprawling out and taking up the entire bed.
3. I'm not too worried about lipstick applications.
4. Wait a minute, I never really do #3 anyway.
5. The bathroom might stay a bit cleaner.
6. Wait a minute, I'm the dirty one.
7. At least I have #'s 1 & 2.


Kacey's View said...

Reasons why you're going to be fine.
1. I help cook dinner
2. I will snuggle up SUPER close to you in your bed until you slap me and give me a pillow for a boundary because you're 'claustrophobic'
3. I'll share your ginormous bathroom with you
4. He's only going to be gone for several days. Not several months. or even YEARS!
5. You have an amazing high kick.
6. You have an amazing and funny daughter that will keep you laughing
7. I still have my gift certificate for Mangos.
8. So at least we have 'options'

Love you lil mama.

Tina said...

Good attitude... better 'options' from Kacey!!!! Have fun!

Becky said...

OK Kacey Cracks Me Up!! HA HA.....see it could be worse you could not have such a funny daughter!!