Monday, October 6, 2008


Sometimes I forget why I married my husband.

One of our favorite family stories was on a lovely Sabbath day. We had all just arrived home from church and Mr. Gary had checked the messages on the answering machine. The children gathered around me as their Father questioned their sweet Mother ...

Gary -"When was the last time you talked to your Aunt Da?"

I slowly answered, already bracing myself for how my husband was going to turn a sad announcement into a riddle.

Me - "It's been awhile, why?"

Mr. Sensitivity Himself - "Well I guess you're never going to talk to her again."

It's true, he can be very harsh, abrasive and kind of twisted.

But then, I sit here and listen to him patiently helping a very discouraged 12-year-old with his homework. I read a thank-you card from Kacey to her Dad who secretly took care of her car registration. And last, but holy cow not least ... I hear him tell me that he loves every inch of me.

And then I remember ... oh ya, that's why!


Mrs. Bennett said...

hey, no making a puffy pregnant woman cry! He's sweet.

Malissa said...

lol That is a little sick and twisted about your aunt! Gotta love Gary!!

Tina said...

Ok, that's good stuff... I guess I'm a bit twisted, too, cuz I think the Aunt Da story is a hoot! Besides, she'd love it, too!!! xox

Gail:) said...

Sound's like Gary...we both have husbands who don't want everyone to know just how great they really are!

Brandi said...

too funny! thanks for making me smile!