Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Men & Migraines

Get your flu shots people ... there's a storm of influenza brewin'! Unfortunately, we are probably just beginning what usually turns into a domino effect of very long nights around here. Keaton has had a horrible case of the flu, which sent us to the hospital last night to get him rehydrated and to treat a migraine. A MIGRAINE! None of my kids have ever had a Migraine, I've never had a Migraine, so I need to learn about the Migraine. Apparently, they can be brought on by illness, and let me tell you ... he was ill. He said it was the worst pain he has ever experienced, and he is my tough little man!

While I was sitting in our little E.R. room (for five hours), wondering why none of the doctors I've ever seen look anything close to McDreamy or McSteamy ... my other men walked in. Here was my tough little man lying down on his bed trembling and shedding a few tears and in walked my freshly-returned-missionary-young-man and my father-comes-to-the-rescue-man! They had come to give Keaton a Priesthood Blessing and he readily welcomed their manly hands on his head. My man also brought me a goody bag filled with O Magazine, M & M's, Twizzlers and Good & Plenty's ... what more could one woman want?

So we made it through our first bout with a Migraine, I hope it never happens again, and I'd like to hear any words of wisdom about these ridiculously painful things. Meanwhile, I have a magazine and some candy to finish before the next flu bug lands and claims it's next victim.


The McKinnon 4 said...

The kids got their shots on Tuesday, and I get mine tomorrow. Ryan gets his whenever he can find time to be away from work. I will do anything to avoid bringing that into my house. NOT FUN! As for migraines all i can say is POOR KID! I wouldnt wish one of those on my worst enemy. I have had about 5 in my life and they are nowhere near the catagory of a headache. I usually go numb on one side of my body, cant see anything but shadows, feel like your feet are not hitting the floor and the worst pain ever in your head. Any sound more than a whisper about sends you over the edge AND if that isnt bad enough once it made me puke my guts out too! Dont they sound like fun?! You seriously want to crawl into a DARK hole and die. Hope he is feeling better and that the flu stays away.

Cyn said...

I used to have migraines, too. Then my hormone level went down and I no longer have that problem. They're horrible and you never want one. Is he back home? I hope he's doing better and the flu stops with him. Loves!

Melissa said...

That sounds awful. I am hoping that we skip the flu in our house with a new baby coming. Tiff might have advice about the migraine (I am no help with that). Hope he is feeling better soon. Oh and I am very impressed with Gary :)

Curtis Chicks said...

Too bad Grandma Mac isn't around to chase us around the house to give flu shots!!

I have had migraines all my life. But Becky gets them worse. I have to lay in a VERY dark room with a cool rag on my head. Usually the only thing that got rid of them for me was eating, puking or sleeping. Then I mysterious became allergic to all pain medication but TYLENOL. So its even worse to get migraines now.

Anyway ... I'd ask Becky about Migraines she's a pro.

Becky said...

Unfortunately I have become a pro...not by choice! Some things work better for than others and everything works differently for everyone. Mine are so bad I usually just give in and go to the ER for some serious drugs. I really don't have any good words of wisdom because I take some pretty strong narcotics that you probably wouldn't want to give your here's my advice...Be VERY quiet, turn the lights out, take meds, and sleep sleep sleep

JECKBECK (Erin) said...

I have had migraines since I was 12 years old and have been in the hospital 2 times with them in my youth. They are horrible- nothing to take lightly!
I have been on several daily meds over my lifetime, but they all have some crumby side effects so I end up quitting until I have another several bouts of migraines to remind why the med. side effects are worth it.
My sister sees a specialist that has her diet completely changed with several daily food eliminated due to migraine causing effects. My sister has noticed a positive difference, but the diet it pretty strict. Let me know if you want the info.