Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cross-Country Cousins

The other day, Jake came to me and exchanged this little dialogue ...

Jake: Mom, will you sign this? I'm going to run two miles in a city-wide, cross-country competition between all of the junior high schools.
Me: Two miles? Have you ever run two miles before?
Jake: No, but I'll be fine ... just sign here.

Fast forward to today. I was talking to my sister-in-law and found out that she had the exact same conversation (filled with riveting detail) with her 7th grader! We soon realized that these two cousins were going to be running together. We grabbed our water bottles and headed over to see how our boys would weather the two mile feat.


They did magnificently! I love their self-motivated attitudes and their desire to take on new things. As soon as Jake was done, we made a mad dash home, changed into football gear and he was off to his last practice of the season. I do wish I had a piece of that stamina!

Great job Jake & Trenton!

P.S. We're taking our kids out of school early tomorrow to catch one of the first matinees of HSM3. I can't even stand it I'm so excited!!!

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