Saturday, October 18, 2008

3:00 a.m.

So it's 3:00 a.m! I've been awake since 1:30 and I've resorted to the fact that I am not going to get any sleep tonight. I don't have any sick kids keeping me up, it's just my mind that is gallivanting across the universe with it's wide array of topics.

I have TONS of laundry to do.
My sister's baby is breach.
My sister lives three hours from me now.
I still have TONS of laundry to do.
I can't forget to pick up Gary's suit at the dry cleaners.
My nephew Mason has a football game at 8:00 right by my house!
Keaton has to be at weight lifting at 8:00.
Keaton has an eye doctor appointment at 10:00.
Laundry is not getting done.
I need to shower.
I need to go grocery shopping.
I still have to work for three more hours.
Jake has to be at the football field at 10:30.
Garrison is NOT going to want to be at football all day long.
Garrison is NOT going to want to be at home by himself.
Garrison should not be at home by himself.
Gary and Matt are at the lake.
Kacey will be working all day.
I am starting the laundry.
I need a genie.

If I were a scientist, I would invent a machine that could turn the brain off for just a few hours. I have no problem falling asleep initially, but once I wake up for any reason (or no reason at all ... I'm a VERY light sleeper), that's when my mind just TAKES OFF like a 747! Anybody have any sleep remedies that allow you to wake in the morning (preferably after 5:00 a.m.) feeling refreshed?


Mrs. Bennett said...

Wait. . . Julie's baby is breach? When did she go into labor! Wish her good luch for me!

And as for the sleep - I wonder if I will ever get any good sleep again. It is hard to sleep with this enourmous tummy - and once its gone the baby will keep me up. So I guess I'm no help!

Becky said...

I was wondering if Julie had her baby yet....keep us posted!

I have the same problem with sleep. If I wake up I start thinking (a dangerous thing) and keep thinking and can't sleep.
Getting up and eating a little sometimes works for me.

Brandi said...

i was a terribly light sleeper until i had my thyroid checked! turns out i had a thyroid issue. in the meantime, my brother taught me a little trick....think of a word like "fire" then think of all the words that you can think of that start with the first letter (f), when you have exhausted all of those words, move onto the second letter (i)..think of all the words that start with that letter and so on and so on! i am always asleep before the last letter :)
PS...i am surprised that no one else had any inspirational words to share from your sip of brandi post! i was hoping for some new wisdom!

Becky said...

WOW and I didn't even know Julie was pregnant!! So out of the loop! Hope everything works out and is good for her. I have the mind going a hundred miles an hour problem too and don't sleep so I have no advice for ya!

The McKinnon 4 said...

I do the same thing and I HATE it! I blame it on Ryan coming home in the middle of the night from work. Men have no idea of how to be quiet and then as soon as I get woke up its all over from there. Thoughts start a commin'

JECKBECK (Erin) said...

My solution- just don't sleep! That is what I do. No really- is this something everyone deals with because both Jason and I deal with this on a regular basis?

One word of advice, don't blog when you can't sleep- it makes it worse. I have made this mistake and I get pulled in reading misc. blogs and my mind starts thinking about all the wonderful things others are doing and the not so fun things I have to do. Dangerous

Notice it is 1:19am? What am I doing?

melmck said...

You can always try guided imagery. It is so soothing to listen to and guides you to relax your whole body. I've had trouble sleeping since I was 10 and have tried everything. Email me if you need any more tips. I've got a hat full of them.

twin2trip said...

I agree with Erin on the do not blog when you can't sleep. I swear everytime I have sleep issues it's because something is off chemically. It's so hard to know. It's the pits when you can't sleep. Good luck on finding a cure.

Ps. Do you know how much I adore Kacey. She's a great girl!

Chris Shill said...

I am such a lite sleeper and Boyd is such a heavy sleeper, I guess there needs to be one of us thats alert incase of a fire... actually the nurse at the hospital told me to take one benadrhyl with one tylenol works like a champ every night....

Staci Lynn said...

Tylenol PM is the answer!!! Love that stuff. AND no hangovers. :)