Friday, September 19, 2008


I have a very large, ridiculously large family. So if I posted ALL family birthdays on this blog, I'd have to rename it and you'd get super bored. HOWEVER, when a day comes where we get to celebrate two in one day ... I think it's blog worthy - especially when these two are so dang cool.

This guy is first ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIMMY!

I am one of the few people who call him by his real name ... Timmy. Most have gotten lazy and dropped the "my", opting for a more mature and grown-up version. But to me, Timmy will always be Timmy. Timmy is five years younger than me, which makes him super young! He is possibly the most generous and caring person I know. He was a scrawny little kid when we were growing up, but he has grown into a strapping fellow. Timmy is a wonderful husband, doting father, former missionary in Brazil, Navy Veteran, Cancer survivor, speaks multiple languages (one of them looks like chicken scratch which blows my mind!) and just an all-around great guy. He mows my Grandma's lawn every week and takes care of everyone around him. I love this guy and I'm proud that he's my bro!

Then there's this little girl ...

We call her "Baby Kristi" because she was named after her Aunt Kristi. She never got to meet her Aunt Kristi, but I am here to tell you that she would be thrilled with her namesake. Little Kristi Lee is obviously adorable and she makes my heart happy. Whenever she comes to my house, she walks straight back to my office, hops up on my lap and waits for me to take her picture. She's a snuggler and she is very happy. The bounce in her step makes it hard for us to remember that she is actually living with Tuberous Sclerosis, which I think is her way of telling us that she's going to be just fine. I love her and I miss her!


Becky said...

Happy Birthday Arizona cousins! What a great family you (we) have.

The McKinnon 4 said...


Heather said...

AGREED - two wonderful people to tribute.

Gail:) said...

Baby Kristi is adorable! Please tell her mom and dad hello for me. Did they move to Yuma? You're a great aunt and by the way, Gary and you are both welcome next trip:)!