Sunday, September 7, 2008

The other woman -

Last week, I attended my gazillionth "meet the teacher" extravaganza at our local Junior High School. I've been through this routine so often that I am now a self-proclaimed pro, which usually leads me into the "I'm not really listening to anything you have to say, I'm just hoping that my presence will promote extra credit for my child" mode. While in this mode, I enjoy people watching (I actually enjoy this mode ... pretty much always). In my third hour class, I was not disappointed.

The teacher began an impromptu introduction of herself and began walking around the room addressing each parent and trying to place each parent with her student's face. She came to a lovely young lady, who told the teacher that she was there with Payton. A look of sudden confusion followed when another lady (not so young or lovely) stated that she was Payton's mother. The brave teacher glanced back at young and lovely with her confused look and she didn't even have to ask for clarity before young and lovely announced that she was Payton's Dad's girlfriend. This is people watching at it's best!

So here we are, in a 7th grade classroom, witnessing a little girl with her mom sitting on one side of her, her Dad's girlfriend on the other, and her extremely intelligent father who was obviously active in her life, but chose not to be on the scene that evening. I was immediately drawn to the situation and began creating all kinds of previous events in my mind.

Was young and lovely the other woman who ruined the 15 years of wedded bliss?

Was the mother aware that young and lovely would be attending that evening?

Was the mother even aware that there WAS a young and lovely until that very moment?

So after the 10 minute crash course on what this particular teacher would expect from our little pupils this semester, I had to follow the situation. I was never one to miss out on a cat fight in school, and I wasn't about to start now!

What I soon witnessed and realized was something that I was definitely not expecting. This little threesome was together! They were walking, talking and sharing in the evening's events ... together! There would be no cat fight, not even one bitter word.

All I have to say about this, is hooray for people who are way more mature than I am. Payton is a lucky little girl.


Chris Shill said...

That's too funny! could of been an exciting night for you though, I hope you told thme you were impressed with the way the acted! ha

Tina said...

What a great post! Could have been a real awkward situation... Glad for Payton it didn't turn ugly, but for me... I would have voted for the cat fight!!! Lots more fun! I'm with you, I would not have handled things so 'maturely'... meow!

Cyn said...

You have GOT to write a book! I love to read anything you write. Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

Becky said...

Good for them!! Now Me I'm so with you so much more fun to see some good action every once in awhile....Oh Well Maybe Next Time!

Brandi said...

in case you are still undecided about what you want to do when you are 92, detective work is definitely your forte!

Anonymous said...

Great story, when are you going to start your first book, or have you already? Can hardly wait to read it, so hurry, ok?

Nancy said...

I've had a few Parent Teacher Conferenes where the ex-wife, husband and new wife were there with the child. Sometimes you could cut the air with a knife, the tension was so thick. Once the wives acutually sat with their backs to each other. Other times the two were very civil. And last year the mom and her ex-husband both came together without the stepdad. They were awesome and very supportive of their little girl. This is certainly the new way of the world. It would never have happened like that a few years ago.

debbie said...

just knowing the inner workings of your mind is hilarious, because, that is how most all of us really tick...i think we would call it pretty normal to react with such curiosity. how did the teacher respond....oh to have a camera from that reaction as well...both the teacher and yours..heehee! It really IS great to see such good example of civility and putting the child first. you make me laugh.