Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Doggies -

Wow! Two requests about my dogs. Your wish is my command (although I think it's a boring command). I actually have three dogs, because you are supposed to decorate in groups of three or something like that.

We have had #1 Chihuahua - Petey for about four years I think. We got him for Christmas one year from a lady who was selling him at Chevron. Petey is a mysterious fellow. He is very quiet for a yippy breed and prefers to sleep his days away in a Love Sac that is 1,000 times his size. He is afraid of everything that moves, including his own dog food as it rotates to the bottom of his little feeder. His favorite food is cheese crisp and he does NOT like to be cold. Gary loves Petey!

Next, we have #2 Chihuahua - Zoey. We have had her for a couple of years because we thought that Petey needed a friend ... we were wrong. Petey has never really forgiven us for bringing a female dog into our midst (probably because he had his manliness taken away long ago). Anyway, Zoey is our entertainment. She barks at anything that dares to come through our front door. She is the protector of our children. She sleeps on Jake's head every night as she grooms him and she sings (really) to Gwen Steffani's "Sweet Escape". She has a very weak bladder and Kacey loves to make her wet herself. She might be petrified in any given situation (Kacey posing as a burglar), but this doesn't stop her from standing her ground as she pees all over it. She's kind of a freak, but the kids love her.

Finally, we have our German Shepherd - Mia. Mia is really Andrea's dog, but her new apartment won't let her have sweet Mia, so we are taking care of her. Mia is our outside hall monitor. She roams the outer perimeter of our home and alerts us when another bad guy is trying to steal another bike. She loves the kids, loves to play and we are lucky to have her on loan.

Mia is dog tired ... and so am I.


Mrs. Bennett said...

I was going to ask about your dogs too. I love dogs! Jasper wants one desperatly, but I'm not crazy enough to get one right now.

brandi said...

thank you, thank you, thank you! i love their little personalities and just find it funny that you have three dogs that you rarely ever mention! when you already have a zoo, what is three more?

Becky said...

Umm I am not a dog lover therefore I am glad to know that you have enough dogs to make up for my lack of dog liking!! Chad has a dog..it sheds...so it lives with his parents :) BTW...I will email you the recipe you wanted for the ever so addicting chocolate pudding dessert on my blog...YUM!!

Gail:) said...

Hey Girlfriend, I've been too busy to read anything for a few days and I'm just catching up. I missed a lot in a week! Your dogs are adorable and I love the dialogue with Garrison. Wow, the other woman story was amazing! Would have loved to see that one. Call me when you get a chance, I need an update on your sister:)