Monday, August 20, 2007

Lots of firsts -

This month has been full of lots of firsts. Last week was Jake's first day in the 6th grade and Garrison's first day in the 5th grade.

We are lucky enough to have the bus stop right in front of our house with lots of little friends to enjoy the long (two mile) journey towards an education.

And they're off ...

It's also Keaton's first year in High School! He is a big sophomore now and playing J.V. football for his first time. He has been VERY hungry lately, so he eats a large helping of toasted scrambled egg sandwich with ketchup every morning.

And last (but she'll be the first one to tell you ... certainly NOT least), today was Kacey's first day of college ... officially anyway.

She took English 101 and 102 last year during her senior year so that's done. Then last week she went and took a test for her Spanish to see if she could test out of any of her college Spanish ... indeed she could! She passed off her entire first year! She got handed eight credits in Spanish without even stepping a foot onto a college campus. So she's into her second year of English and second year of Spanish before she even starts. She is pretty great.

All of these firsts make me think back to all of the firsts that I've completed and I have to say that they're doing it much better than I did. YES!


AmyK said...

My how they grow up! Seems like just yesterday you were watching Ashlee and they were all .... smaller?


Tina McKinnon said...

FANtastic! Everyone of them!!! Makes a grandma pround!!!
love you all!

melmck said...

i'm still waiting for keaton's football schedule. nfl's preseason has started and they are all lined up. i can only expect the same from MV. ps. i LOVE all those kids.

Cordova Family said...

That's amazing! I can't belive how big they all are now! Kacey is doing great!! That is so awesome for her!!