Friday, August 17, 2007

High School Musical 2 ... finally!

Please tell me that I'm not the only mature adult who just oooohed and aaaaahed over High School Musical 2! I loved the first one, but I just kept waiting for them to kiss ... finally! Keaton and I used to watch High School Musical every night before we went to bed. Matt had all the lyrics memorized and Kacey could recite the entire movie. We LOVE High School Musical!

There were parties going on all over town tonight to welcome in the next phase of this piece of entertainment. Keaton was at his friend Jacom's house, we were all hanging here and Garrison even got invited to a H.S.M. party at the Soelberg's.

If you read my blog in the older posts where I got tagged, you'll remember that another one of my favorite movies was/is Dirty Dancing. I couldn't help but notice the similarities of the two shows. Summertime, friends working at the rich Country Club, music, dancing, singing ... right down to the starlet walking down the aisle to get up on stage for the big musical finale with her fantastically cute boyfriend. Troy Bolton and Johnny Castle are equally as gifted as fine ... actors!

I love a good movie. For a couple of hours, a great flick can take you away and help you totally forget your own little reality. I would LOVE to hear from other H.S.M. fans, but even if you haven't quite grasped the true beauty of this movie, please share your favorites with me!


Tina McKinnon said...

I, too, loved/love "Dirty Dancing", but I'd never even heard of High School Musical until the ads starting coming out recently for it. Looks like a fun one.
Great post,... where'd you get all the pix?

Becky said...

I have to admit that I watched High School Muscial (or H.S.M apparently for the true fans)the other night on the Disney channel. I noticed the counter in the corner for H.S.M. 2. I thought to myself: "This must be something big if there is a countdown for it!" So I tuned in last night, and then kept turning it off, and on, off and on, thinking "Am I too old to be watching this?" But I kept coming back to it. I did think it was cute. I like a lot of different movies but in the same "teen genre" I really like "Mean Girls." I think it is so clever and I love Lindsay Lohan. I like reading your blog. Keep posting!

Mrs. Bennett said...

I've never seen High School Musical, but I'll have to check it out - if I can get David to stop watching Ultimate Fighting, and give me the remote, that is. :)

melmck said...

both my sisters were dissapointed that we didn't get the disney channel to watch HSM2. i wouldn't believe they both reminded me it was on at least twice. HSM will always make me think of you and your fam. too bad robby and i missed that boat.

Cordova Family said...

I too enjoy HSM...we'll be watching HSM 2 tomorrow, and I love Dirty Dancing! Lets be honest, we love musicals..Hairspray is fun too!!