Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Arkansas Trip - Day 2

This was our super fancy cabin, right by the White River.  It was so fancy that they placed the water heater right next to the shower, and we almost conquered all of the ants trying to take over the kitchen.  Freda stocked our kitchen full of food and made sure we were all taken care of.  Bless her heart!

 It was absolutely beautiful outside!

 We were driving a van, 
so I cracked myself up all weekend long referring to our 
"van down by the river".  
Sometimes I can't get enough of my humor! 

First thing Friday morning, the boys found a fishing guide ... to guide them ... as they fished.  While they fished, Freda and I lounged around watching the Royal Wedding.  I felt absolutely no connection to Princess Kate as I squished ants with a damp paper towel ... in a van down by the river.
 This was the happiest hound dog you ever did see.  Y'all. 
If I were a dog ... this is where I would want to live.
Here come the boys back from their expedition!

They had the best time and that boat was full of Trout.

 See the fishing guide in the background?  He was picking up the fish, smacking their heads on the side of the boat ... thud! ... and then cleaning them up. It was gross ... I walked away.

 Shortly after this picture was taken, Jake picked up one of the slimy, skinless, freshly slaughtered fish ... snuck around behind me, and stuck it in my face. 
I screamed.  Loud.  
And it touched my hair.

 Then Gary got on the phone and started talking to Junior
(no I did not make that name up)
to find out what was going on around town. 
Wouldn't you know it ... there was a truck pull that very night!

 So we headed over to meet Junior at the "Reel 'Em In" restaurant ... 
where I did not order the plump frog legs.

And we headed over to Thayer, Missouri for the event of the evening.  Now if you've never been to a truck pull ... you've just never lived.  These trucks are L-O-U-D ... and they've been training for practically their whole adult lives to be able to pull things ... super big, heavy things.  The entire county brought their families, dogs and coolers out to witness the smoke,
smell the oil (pronounced ole') and hear the rumble.

Feast your eyes ...

That was one full day!


lori.huffaker said...

Don't you LOVE the relaxed feeling of the south? I wish I was sitting on my grandmas front porch listening to the tree frogs and making sure no ticks climbed up on me. We used to fish in my grannys "man made pond out yonder' with real bambo fishing poles with corks on the end, then my uncle James would knock our poor fishes in the head and we would eat them for dinner. Good times! What fun for your boys!

Tina McKinnon said...

Oh, dang! And we MISSED that???

Diane said...

this is just like a trip to Arkansas should be!