Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Reveal ~

First of all, I should tell you where I got the inspiration for my new room.  I love this blog call The Lettered Cottage ... and I follow it like any good blog stalker should!  They create these adorable cottages in Alabama ... and it made me want one ... only in Arizona ... and in my house.   So I called THE brothers ... have I mentioned them before?  Yes, my brothers are possibly the best at remodel work, since they were taught by the best ... THE Dad.  I'm very lucky to have such perfectionists of the trade in my family, but they would totally work for you as well ... just let me know if you need a Contractor!

I started snapping shots of my room to post, and they all ended up looking like crap.  So I called Kacey.  Maybe you've heard of her?  Yep, my daughter is the first K of K & K Photos!  AND she's the Kacey of Kacey's View!  Man do I know people or what?!  She was kind enough to throw on her coat (because it's still freakishly cold) and grab her little Roscoe and head on over to take some pictures of my room while it's still clean.  :)

And here is what my brothers and my Kacey have created for me.  
Thank you!

 Here is the before.  I just threw up a little in my mouth.

 And here is what happened, when I dared to dream ...
and call my brothers.

 I didn't buy any new furniture or any decor.  This stuff was already in my old ugly room.  Everyone should have a good bookshelf to hold all of their crap most important pieces and reading material.

 This used to be my office before Kacey got married and gave me her room!  My sister-in-law found the desk and the hutch separately at Goodwill.  They were both old and brown ... hard to imagine?  She gave them a pretty new black coat and placed them together and voila ...
lovely desk that now encompasses Gary
and his stuff.
  He is happy.

 This is me and Roscoe ... my first Grandson.  I love him.

 I had all white blankets on my bed, and then my dirty plumber handsome husband came home and plopped down on the bed.  It was his idea to grab an old brown blanket and put it down so that I wouldn't give him that look.  Then he brought in some excess pillows from the family room couches ... and it was a match!  Now he can plop on down with his boots and all for a quick nap without the look.  

 See that tall black hutch?  It used to be old and brown as well ... a hand-me-down from Gary's Dad years ago.  Same sister-in-law, Nicolle, wife of Timmy extraordinaire Contractor ... created some more magic and gave it new life just when I was ready to get rid of it.  It's one of my favorite pieces.

 This is me posing for the cover of a magazine called Ugly Bedrooms Have Hope! 
I love my new room.
Thanks for visiting.


Lettered Cottage said...

I LOVE it! New bedrooms are the best!


Diane said...

Looks better than ever Karen! I'll be stopping by for another upclose and personal peek.

Mrs. Bennett said...

I love it! Nicolle is awesome and so are your brothers. It looks great.

Kacey's View said...

I'm so proud of you slash I laughed when you said you threw up in your mouth a little bit.

wesley's mom (sue) said...

I LOVE your room. I came right home yesterday and told Sylvan I wanted to copy that "wood on the wall" trick in our bedroom.

He said he'll do it right after he finishes the bathroom and the baseboards and pretty much never. Sigh.

mom/sandy said...

Love it!! It's like moving. I love seeing pics of the room where 'all the action happens"!!

Tina McKinnon said...

I love it, love it, love it!!

The Reidheads said...

that looks rockin. good work karen!

Miss Stace said...

I love it!!! Love the new floors. Beautiful!