Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rambling with a headache ~

I woke up this morning with something wrong ... it was my head.  My head was ALL WRONG.  I don't get headaches ... hardly ever.  This one was a doosie.

Last night, I went to a Yoga class.  I came home craving Crunch and Munch, but opted for Cheerios instead.  Maybe the healthier choice put my body into a tailspin and mustered up a good headache to teach me a lesson?

Jake came home from school yesterday, immediately displaying tears over a test that he had taken earlier that day.  After a few minutes of whimpering, he went into his room and promptly fell asleep for what I assumed would be a much needed nap ... he woke up this morning.  I'll say it was much needed!  Happy Valentine's Day to him!

So I think there's something in the air over here.  I think Jake is certainly going through a growth spurt.  And maybe I'm going through a "spurt" of my own.  Because sleeping for 13 hours sounds like pure heaven to me!

And I found out that we have some new neighbors moving in sometime soon.  She's fancy.  She's young, beautiful ... and fancy.  I'll bet she's going to be completely taken by my vast array of sweats.  I'm not fancy.  Oh well. 

How do you treat your headaches?

Have a ramblin' day!


Mrs. Bennett said...

You are lucky you never get headaches. I have at least one headache a day, and have for most of my life. Woo hoo! How do I treat them? Excederin, or Extra Stength tylenol. Or a coke.

wesley's mom (sue) said...

Last week I met someone who told me she's NEVER had a headache in her life.

So I had to kill her.

I hate headaches. Tylenol and sleep are the things that work best for my headaches, but usually I just have to wait them out.

I can't wait to hear more about your fancy new neighbor.

Tina McKinnon said...

I still like my Tei Fu oil... a drop rubbed into each temple, the back of my neck and a dab to the end of my nose for aroma therapy... doesn't always work, but often, if I can catch it soon enough, it will go away. So sorry. Stop doing whatever it was you did to get it!!