Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The fourth & family ~

I love it when a great holiday
lands on a weekend.
It makes it just a titch better!
This fourth started on Saturday
with my little brother's birthday ...
and didn't end until Monday night
when we celebrated
all of our family July birthdays together ...
and of course celebrating
the birth of independence
for hours and hours in between.
We were blessed with fireworks

I am absolutely in heaven
when I'm laying on a blanket
covering a lush, green lawn
under those bursts of color.
Loved, loved, loved it!!!
Only 363 more days until we can do it again!

I enjoyed the expression on our host's face
when I said there would be 26 of us.
Good times!

God PLEASE bless America!


Mrs. Bennett said...

Looks like so much fun! Fourth of July is the best.

Diane said...

and you missed the 4th party downtown...it could have been that much better. I was proud to be a Mesan!