Monday, June 28, 2010

Ooooooo .... Aaaaaahhhh

Yesterday morning I woke up and remembered something ...

it's almost the 4th of July!!!

Ever since I was a little girl, this has been one of my favorite things ever. My Grandpa Reilly (who was in the Sertoma Club) used to be one of the announcers of the annual event and helped put on this huge display down at our local college. I loved laying on the grass and looking up at the bright colors that would explode all over the night sky ... it was the best!

For the past few years, our friend Kyle (who is very nice and very single and if you'd like to date him you should email me and I will decide if you are good enough) has invited us to the Country Club for the 4th. It totally takes me back to being a kid again as we lay on the grass and watch those same bright colors and repeat in unison ... ooooooohh, aaaaaahhh.



Tina said...

Those WERE good times, weren't they?!!! I don't remember it even feeling hot, but I think that's what I'd be grumbling about now... Go enjoy and reminisce!! The whole family going?

Kayla said...

Ah, fireworks! The best spectacular of the season!! Enjoy them all for me too! :)

Amy Legler said...

So THAT'S why we always went to MCC to watch fireworks. I never knew that.