Monday, July 19, 2010

Dancing with stitches

Jake has been growing up very quickly these days. Actually, Jake has been growing up very quickly since the day he was born. When Matt was leaving on his mission and he was super sad ... Jake stated "I could go on my mission right now and I'd be fine" ... I believe he was right.

This week Jake is gone. He headed up to the beautiful mountains of Utah with his cousin Trenton to attend Especially For Youth (EFY) at BYU. This is an amazing opportunity to hear from some motivational speakers, inspiring musicians and to dance with girls! He has been sooooo excited to stay in the actual dorms of BYU and has been working hard to pay for his own adventure. So off they went with a little help from the entire Daniel McKinnon family ...

But before this happy little rendezvous began ... trauma (mingled with a little drama) stepped in. Jake was in the kitchen chopping up a watermelon ... when I heard my very independent adolescent scream "MOM! MOM! MOM! MOM! MOM!" as he proceeded to run toward me, drizzling blood down the hallway with every footstep. The sensitive mother in me immediately kicked in and I grabbed the black towel so that we wouldn't stain the white one :)

It was clear that stitches were necessary and we hopped in the car and headed across the street to the Urgent Care. During this quick rush of emergency, Jake began to mumble something about how this incident was going to RUIN EFY because "no girl is going to want to dance with this gross thumb!" The sensitive mother in me tried very hard not to laugh ... I was mostly successful.

Stitches were done -
and the final result was a masterpiece
of Tim Burton proportions. Agreed?

At this point, Jake was even more convinced that NO GIRL would have anything to do with a boy with such a disfigured thumb. I kept thinking to myself, when I was his age, I would have danced with a boy without any thumb at all! But his faith in women, or lack thereof, was defeating his spirit. So we went down to Walgreens and picked out the most fantastic looking bandages that are sure to bring on the sympathies and even adoration from girls across the globe ... or at least from across the dance hall.

They check into their dorm this morning and I'm sure it will be one of his most memorable journeys. But the part that will stick out in my mind was this little man yelling "MOM! MOM! MOM! MOM! MOM!"

I knew it. He still needs me. :)


Mrs. Bennett said...

Doesn't he know that scars are cool? Besides no girl will notice the thumb at first anyway. Maybe all the utah mckinnons should crash the dance and embarrass him even more?

Cyn said...

My brother met his wife because he had an injured hand, which gave her an excuse to ask about it, and the rest is history!
Okay, so maybe he's a little young for that, but if anything, it will be a "chick magnet". Can't wait to hear all the details!

Tina said...

He is such a hoot! This is a new generation, however. Past generations would never have admitted they gave two shakes whether the opposite s*x would pay attention to them or not... Gotta love that boy!! xox

wesley's mom (sue) said...

Those are some serious stitches. Ouch.

I'd be willing to bet sympathy over rules grossness at EFY. He's going to make all of the other boys wish they'd thought to cut a finger off before they left home.