Thursday, January 14, 2010

Flying the coop ...

Remember how I'm old?

Ya, you remember.

Well this little newsflash is proof positive.

Child #1 is moving out this week. You heard me. He's finally taking off on his own and has found some other people he'll call roommates. I'm so excited for him!

It seems like just yesterday he was that difficult child that darn near refused to join in on the family swim suit photo. Looking back, it really was a dumb idea. But it cracks me up every time I look at it. I must have been inspired by Sports Illustrated that month. I think child #4 knew that this was going to be traumatic in the future.

Child #2 has completed her Associates Degree at the Community College, she begins her first semester at ASU next week ... and her little missionary comes home shortly after this semester is over. I'm not making any assumptions, but just read the title of this post.

It seems like just yesterday she was sporting a tie dye swimsuit, hair slicked back and proclaiming that she was the only one that looked clothed in this genius photo op as she gathered her naked looking brothers to her side.

Child #3 is graduating from High School in May and is going to be beginning his paperwork for a two-year mission somewhere else ... far away. It seems like just yesterday he was strutting his shirtless self and posing a cute little smile in hopes that Sports Illustrated was paying close attention to that infamous family photo. Some things never change.

I'm not sure if you're counting, but this little bit of info means that I could quite possibly ... very soon ... be down to two baby chicks left at home!

At least we still have three chickens. :)

I'm old!


Kacey's View said...

hahaha oh my gosh. That picture. Why! And thank goodness for braces. YIKES

Chris, Mom,and Grandma said...

You might have some back ?? they might not like living without there mom! hey I have those recipes just remind me to get them to you!! well i guess you might be empty nesters in awhile!

Carol said...

Garrison looks exactly the same!!

Tina said...

That either a dumb idea... look how darling they all are.... their expressions speak volumes! Imagine how old YOUR being old makes us feel!!! Sheesh! But it all beats the alternative! xox

Gail said...

Such a great memory! I'm must be old too, since I remember them exactly that way! Welcome to my sad world. Half of my chicks have already flown and number 4 is graduating this year too! I feel your pain:).