Tuesday, January 26, 2010

American Seamstresses

We've always thought of our little Jake as a bit of a smarty pants. He walked early, talked early and has kept up with adult conversation for far too long. Unfortunately, our pride in his prowess has given him a bit too much confidence for his own good. It is beneficial for him to be brought down to earth occasionally ... and this morning he did it all on his own.

Driving to school, listening to the radio, we heard that Martha Stewart had stepped into the "judges race" and made an offer to replace Simon on American Idol next season. Jake was completely baffled by this and exclaimed "Martha Stewart is dead!"

Me: "No she's not. Why would you think that?"

Jake: "She made the first American flag! She can't still be alive!"

Me: "Jake, that was Betsy Ross."

Jake ... grinning: "oh."

P.S. I have NO mutation that would link me to any genetic form of Breast Cancer or Ovarian Cancer. Which is odd, because I totally think of myself as a mutant! It's a good day.


Becky said...

Betsy Ross...Martha Stewart...they both sew. Easy to get them mixed up. Glad to hear you aren't a mutant.

Tina said...

haha! He's a hoot! I'm glad you're not a mutant, too! xox :)

Brandi said...

What a lovely surprise when I stumbled upon your NEWLY revised blog! I love it and I have missed you!

Shari said...

HA HA- I love Jake and I can just see his grin from ear to ear. What a great kid.
And by the way, I left a comment on your Schwarzenegger post before I read this one. Glad to hear you aren't a C mutant. I still say you are at the minimum a ninja mutant.

While I am at it, it's nice to have you back.